Planning Fuller Church Wedding   


马太福音19:6 “ [hgb] 既然如此,夫妻不再是两个人,乃是一体的了。所以神配合的, 人不可分开。”

Matthew 19:6 “  [kjv] Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.  ”



The marriage of Christian saints is a covenant before the Triune God. The marriage of Christian saints is for the glory of God.



To respect our God, at the Fuller Church wedding,  please obey and pay attention to the following matters when making a wedding plan.



1. 新郎,新娘,伴郎,伴娘,婚礼证婚人和主持人需要是真诚信靠三一真神,有基督的生命,接受圣灵管理的福乐教会的成员。


The groom, bride, groomsmen, bridesmaids, wedding witnesses and hostesses need to be members of Fuller Church who sincerely believe in the Trinity God, have the life of Christ, and accept the Holy Spirit's control.


2.  新郎和新娘是符合圣经原则的一主一信,一男一女,一夫一妻。

The groom and the bride are one master and one believer, one man and one woman, monogamous and monogamous according to the principle of the Bible.


3. 新郎和新娘是登记注册的合法夫妻。

The groom and the bride are registered legal couple.


4.  婚礼中的摄影录影师需要是真诚信靠三一真神,有基督生命,接受圣灵管理的基督徒。也可以自拍。The photographic videographer at the wedding needs to be Christian who sincerely trusts in God, has the life of Christ, and is governed by  the Holy Spirit.  Also can  take selfies.


     Shooting, photographing, sending to friends and relatives and posting on the Internet at the wedding requires respecting the name of God       and respecting the reputation and positive images of the Church of Fuller and each person.


5. 在婚礼中使用的音乐歌曲,是属于三一真神国度相关的,或福音的,或者歌词内容符合圣经原则的歌曲。

The music and songs used in the weddings, belong God's kingdom, or gospel, or the lyrics in accordance with the Bible principles.


6. 福乐教会婚礼是属于私人性质婚礼。福乐教会会参加婚礼的人员进行鉴别和认可。

 The Fuller Church Wedding is private wedding. The Fuller Church will identify and recognize the people attending the wedding.



  In order to respect the groom and the bride is the protagonist in the wedding, please the costumes of other relatives and friends don't wear gorgeous than groom and the bride.  Before the wedding, first understand the costumes of the bride and groom, then choose their own clothing.


8. 在婚礼中使用的装饰,需要符合圣经的原则。

 The decoration used in the wedding requires biblical principles.


9. 为保障婚礼的安全,参加婚礼的每个人所携带的物品都需要是安全的,不携带任何存在安全隐患的物品。福乐教会婚礼的入口处需要设置安全检查。

In order to ensure the safety of the wedding, the items carried by everyone attending the wedding need to be safe and do not carry any items with potential safety hazards. A security check is set at the entrance to the Fuller Church Wedding.


10.  为爱护自己和他人的健康,保障空气清新,禁止吸烟。

To protect the health of yourself and others, to ensure that the air is fresh and smoking is prohibited.


11. 不可过量喝酒导致醉酒, 同时保障需要驾驶的人的安全。

Do not drink too much to cause drunkenness.At the same time, the safety of those who need to drive is guaranteed.


12. 为保障婚礼顺利有秩序的进行,禁止手机来电的铃音功能。手机需要提前设置好静音或震动功能。紧急情况需要接听电话,需要到场地外面,并且保持尽可能低的音量。

In order to ensure the smooth and orderly execution of the wedding, the ring tone function of the mobile phone call is prohibited. The phone needs to be set to mute or vibrate in advance. In an emergency,  need to answer the call need to go outside the venue and keep the volume as low as possible.


13.  参加婚礼的家长需要确定好孩子的安全和看顾安排。参加婚礼的每位需要自行保管好财物。福乐教会不对任何人的任何损失负责。请参加婚礼的每一位提前做好准备和安排。请各人自觉做好维护婚礼的益处。请保持保持相互尊重,礼貌和良好沟通,确保婚礼安全和愉快。

 Parents attending the wedding need to determine the child's safety and care arrangements. Everyone attending the wedding needs to take care of their belongings. Fuller Club is not responsible for any loss to anyone. Please prepare and arrange  in advance, for you will attend wedding. Please consciously do the benefits of maintaining the wedding. Please maintain mutual respect, courtesy and good communication to ensure the wedding is safe and enjoyable.