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Switched-On Schoolhouse 10th Grade Geometry is a comprehensive geometry course taught in an exciting, computer-based format. This engaging, one-year math Alpha Omega curriculum offers a subject-focused study of geometry, including topics on logic, angles, parallels, shapes, volume, area, and more. Easy-to-teach lessons include fun multimedia tools. Includes quizzes and tests.


时尚校舍十年级几何学是一个全面的几何课程,以令人兴奋的计算机格式教授。 这个有吸引力的为期一年的数学阿尔法欧米茄课程提供了一个以学科为中心的几何学研究,包括逻辑,角度,平行线,形状,体积,面积等主题。 易于教授的课程包括有趣的多媒体工具。 包括测验和测试。




Discover the wonderful world of shapes with Switched-On Schoolhouse 10th Grade Geometry! This fun, comprehensive math course will give your child an in-depth, subject-centered look at geometry. Step-by-step, computer-based content makes learning both easy and fun! Using today's technology, this innovative homeschool curriculum enriches child learning with multimedia like video clips, animation and learning games—all included in each daily lesson. You won't find that in ordinary math textbooks! Imagine your child actually looking forward to learning math—he will when you use SOS 10th Grade Geometry.

But we didn't stop there. Switched-On Schoolhouse also has cutting-edge tools for parents too. Wouldn't you love automatic grading and lesson planning? How about customizable curriculum geared perfectly for your child's learning level? Or maybe you'd like multiple printing options so you can study lessons together? You'll get all of that, and more. This math course is the answer you've been looking for. Teaching geometry has never been more fun. Your child will not only learn about triangles, polygons, circles, and angles, but they will also learn about how these dimensions are used in real life. What could be better? Plus, this Alpha Omega curriculum has integrated, step-by-step solution keys when viewing problems from the SOS Teacher application. So, order Switched-On Schoolhouse 10th Grade Geometry from Alpha Omega Publications to see what a difference it can make for your student!




凭借时尚校舍十年年级几何学,发现形状的美妙世界!这个有趣而全面的数学课程将为您的孩子提供深入的以主题为中心的几何形状。一步一步,基于计算机的内容使学习既简单又有趣!利用当今的技术,这种创新的家庭教学课程丰富了儿童的学习,包括视频剪辑,动画和学习游戏等多媒体内容 - 所有这些都包含在每日每课中。你不会在普通的数学课本中找到它!想象一下你的孩子真的很期待学习数学 - 他会在你使用时尚校舍 10级几何时。


但我们并没有停止在那里。 时尚校舍也为家长提供了尖端的工具。你不喜欢自动评分和课程计划吗?可定制课程如何适合您孩子的学习水平?或者,您可能想要多种打印选项,以便您可以一起学习课程?你会得到所有这些,以及更多。这个数学课程是你一直在寻找的答案。教学几何从未如此有趣。你的孩子不仅会学习三角形,多边形,圆和角度,还会学习如何在现实生活中使用这些尺寸。有什么更好的?另外,这款阿尔法欧米茄课程在查看时尚校舍教师应用程序中的问题时,集成了一步一步的解决方案。所以,订购阿尔法欧米茄出版社的时尚校舍10年级几何图形,看看它能为你的学生带来怎样的改变!




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