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Incorporate fitness into your high school student's daily routine and gain lifelong, healthy habits with Switched-On Schoolhouse Physical Education. This semester-long course focuses on the performance of individual and team sports, including proper techniques, rules, and preparation. Team sports covered are soccer, basketball, football, baseball, and volleyball. The topics of fitness, strength, endurance, and nutrition are also included.


通过时尚校舍体育,将健身融入高中生日常生活中,并获得终身健康的习惯。 这个为期一学期的课程侧重于个人和团队运动的表现,包括适当的技巧,规则和准备。 覆盖的团队运动包括足球,篮球,足球,棒球和排球。 健身,力量,耐力和营养等话题也包括在内。



Train your high school student in the rules of the game with this semester-long instruction in incorporating fitness into your daily routine and gaining lifelong, healthy habits. Students in grades 9-12 learn the proper techniques of individual and team sports, demonstrate skills necessary to play a variety of sports, and build skills in fitness, strength, endurance, and nutrition.

Switched-On Schoolhouse is a Christian curriculum provided by Alpha Omega Publications. SOS Physical Education uses vivid graphics, videos clips, audio files, animation, and learning games to liven up lessons and clarify concepts. SOS also offers automatic grading and recordkeeping, as well as a customizable school calendar.




训练你的高中生遵守游戏规则,这个长达一学期的教学将健身融入日常生活中,并获得终身健康的习惯。 9-12年级的学生学习个人和团队运动的适当技巧,展示进行各种运动所需的技能,并在健身,力量,耐力和营养方面培养技能。


时尚校舍是阿尔法欧米茄出版社提供的基督教课程。 时尚校舍体育教学使用生动的图形,视频剪辑,音频文件,动画和学习游戏来激活课程并澄清概念。 时尚校舍还提供自动分级和记录保存,以及可定制的学校日历。


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