Monarch Civics

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Teach your homeschooler responsible citizenship with Monarch Civics for grades 7-12. Accessible 24/7, this online Monarch homeschool elective teaches about state and local government, the election process, worldwide politics, and economics. Engaging and interactive, the lessons use videos, audio files, and games to enhance learning. Purchase of this individual Monarch course grants access to one child for 18 months beginning on the date of activation.


The U.S. AOP Monarch Online Course Usage:

1. Open AOP official website address, click "Start your FREE TRIAL"

2. In the registration page, enter our code Code: MON30FHS Follow the steps can to complete the registration.
3. Settings & manage parents (or teachers) and one or more student accounts
on this landing management page:





Combine education and entertainment with multimedia lessons from Monarch Civics for grades 7-12! In a fun and interactive way, this computer-based Alpha Omega curriculum teaches important topics such as the Constitution, branches of government, and the roles of individual citizens. The online Monarch homeschool lessons have access to numerous multimedia elements. Vivid graphics, videos clips, audio files, animation, and learning games excite the lessons and clarify concepts. Don't hesitate. Immerse your homeschooler in Monarch Civics anytime, anywhere. This homeschool program is fully compatible with Windows® or Macintosh® systems. Now learning can take place at home, on vacation, or anywhere an Internet connection is available.

This biblically-based Alpha Omega curriculum requires no installation. Within seconds, your homeschooler can be enjoying the excitement of an online education. Imagine no more waiting, no more shipping costs, and less paperwork and planning. Monarch Civics has time-saving tools that do some of the work for you. Features such as automatic grading and lesson planning grades approximately 85% of a homeschooler's work, and automatic updates give your homeschooler seamless access to the latest Alpha Omega curriculum improvements and technology features at no additional cost. Give your child and yourself the best in online education. Order Monarch Civics form Alpha Omega Publications today.



Scope and Sequence

System Requirements

In addition to a reliable High Speed Internet Connection and a recent version of Adobe Flash Player, you must have one of the following browsers:

Supported Browsers

  • Google Chrome (current version)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (versions 11 & 10)
  • Mozilla Firefox (current version)
  • Apple Safari (version 9)

Best Effort Browsers

Apple Safari (version 8)

Microsoft Edge*

*While a number of touchscreen-specific features are built into Windows 10, we do not officially support touchscreen interactions at this time.