SOS 7th Grade Bible 时尚校舍七年级圣经

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Looking for an exciting study of Christ's life? Try Switched-On Schoolhouse 7th Grade Bible! This dynamic, computer-based homeschool course has entertaining, Christ-centered lesson content. Valuable topics in this Alpha Omega curriculum include God's attributes, worship, and an overview of Christ's life on earth. Bible verses and study tools are included. Includes quizzes and tests.


寻找关于基督生活的令人兴奋的研究? 尝试时尚校舍七年级圣经! 这种充满活力,以电脑为基础的家庭教育课程具有娱乐性,以基督为中心的课程内容。 这个阿尔法欧米加课程中有价值的主题包括上帝的属性,崇拜,以及对地球上基督生活的概述。 包括圣经经文和学习工具。 包括测验和测试。




Want a Bible course that gives your child an in-depth study of Christ's life? You've found it. Meaningful and thought-provoking, Switched-On Schoolhouse 7th Grade Bible explains the amazing events of Christ's life on earth. Your child will follow God's astonishing acts of love and learn about God's perfect plan with dynamic, interesting lessons! You and your child will love this one-of-a-kind computer-based homeschool course which offers tons of benefits—like customizable projects, enriching content, and a helpful resource center. Plus, SOS 7th Grade Bible offers two Bible versions to choose from—either the King James Version or New American Standard Bible®.

Think of it, no more bulky textbooks to study or grade! All of your homeschool course lessons will be in one convenient place—on the computer. And you don't have to worry about being computer-savvy to use it either. Instillation of this Alpha Omega curriculum is a breeze and lessons can be ready in minutes! Most importantly, your child will study important biblical topics like reasons to worship, the fall of mankind, living a new life in Christ, and much more. But, we've saved the best for last. We know you want to save time. So, Switched-On Schoolhouse from Alpha Omega Publications offers automatic grading and lesson planning. No need to worry about paperwork or missed holidays anymore. Try it for yourself and order Switched-On Schoolhouse 7th Grade Bible today!



想要一个圣经课程,让你的孩子深入研究基督的生活?你找到了它。有意义且发人深思的时尚校舍七年级圣经解释了基督在地球上生活的惊人事件。你的孩子会跟随上帝的爱的惊人行为,并通过充满活力的有趣课程了解上帝完美的计划!你和你的孩子会喜欢这种独一无二的基于计算机的家庭教育课程,它提供了很多好处 - 例如定制项目,丰富内容和有用的资源中心。此外,时尚校舍 7年级圣经提供两种圣经版本可供选择 - 国王詹姆斯版本或新美国标准圣经版本。

想想看,没有更大的教科书去学习或评分!所有的家庭教学课程都将放在一个方便的地方 - 在电脑上。而且你不必担心精通计算机也可以使用它。灌输这个阿尔法欧米茄课程是一件轻而易举的事情,课程可以在几分钟内完成!最重要的是,你的孩子将学习重要的圣经话题,如敬拜理由,人类堕落,在基督里过新生活等等。但是,我们已经为最后节省了最好的。我们知道你想节省时间。所以,来阿尔法欧米茄自提供的时尚校舍自动分级和课程计划。无需担心文书工作或错过假期了。自己尝试一下,今天就订购时尚校舍 7年级圣经吧!


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