LIFEPAC® 5th Grade Language Arts 10-Unit Set LIFEPAC®5年级语言艺术学生本 10 单元套装


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You can get the LIFEPAC language arts worktexts for your fifth grader without the teacher's guide! Just order the LIFEPAC 5th Grade Language Arts 10-Unit Set which contains a full year of colorful, print-based lessons. Each student-directed worktext is consumable and includes lessons, self tests, and a removable teacher-guided test.







Do you want the flexibility to order the LIFEPAC student worktexts for fifth grade language arts without the teacher's guide? No problem! Alpha Omega Publications has conveniently packaged all ten worktexts for you in the LIFEPAC 5th Grade Language Arts 10-Unit Set. It's a great alternative for the homeschooler who already has the teacher's guide. The consumable worktexts in this Alpha Omega curriculum are packed with essential fifth grade grammar and composition skills, including instruction is story development, poetry, written reports, word usage, reading fluency, and more. But if these print-based worktexts are thorough, does that mean they're also easy to use? Absolutely! Their colorful, step-by-step format can keep your fifth grader's attention and help him become an independent learner. And each ultra-thin worktext in this Alpha Omega curriculum can be finished every three to four weeks, so your student will feel a great sense of accomplishment.

Of course, the LIFEPAC 5th Grade Language Arts 10-Unit Set has another great feature. You can track your child's progress while encouraging his independence. How is this done? It's simple! You can keep informed by noting the scores on your child's self tests, by signing his answers to his review questions, and by administering the removable, teacher-guided test from each worktext. So don't delay! Get a full year of best-selling language arts homeschool curriculum right away. Add the popular LIFEPAC 5th Grade Language Arts10-Unit Set to your cart today.




您是否希望在没有老师指导的情况下灵活订购LIFEPAC学生五年级语言艺术作品?没问题!Alpha Omega Publications已将所有十个工作文本方便地打包为LIFEPAC五年级语言艺术10个单元集。对于已经有了老师指导的家庭学生来说,这是一个很好的选择。此Alpha Omega课程中的易用工作语文包含必不可少的五年级语法和作文技巧,其中包括故事发展,诗歌,书面报告,用词,阅读流利度等方面的指导。但是,如果这些基于打印的工作文本是完整的,是否意味着它们也易于使用?绝对!他们丰富多彩的循序渐进格式可以吸引五年级学生的注意力,并帮助他成为一名独立的学习者。

当然,LIFEPAC五年级语言艺术10学分套装具有另一个重要功能。您可以在鼓励孩子独立的同时跟踪孩子的进度。怎么做?这很简单!您可以通过记录孩子的自测成绩,签署他对自己复习问题的答案以及管理每个工作文本中老师指导的可移动考试来保持了解情况。所以不要拖延!立即获得一整年最畅销的语言艺术家庭学校课程。立即将流行的LIFEPAC 5年级语言艺术10单元套装添加到您的购物车。