SOS 4th Grade History & Geography 时尚校舍四年级历史与地理

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Explore the amazing variety of the world's geography with Switched-On Schoolhouse 4th Grade History & Geography! This fun, computer-based Alpha Omega curriculum will teach your child informative topics like world cities, countries, climates, and more. Travel to unique and exciting world locations with Bible-centered, award-winning lessons! Includes quizzes and tests.


时尚校舍四年级历史与地理学探索世界地理学的惊人变化! 这款有趣的,基于计算机的阿尔法欧米茄课程将教您的孩子信息性主题,如世界城市,国家,气候等。 以圣经为中心,屡获殊荣的课程前往独特而令人兴奋的世界地点! 包括测验和测试。





Want to introduce your child to topography and climatology? Do you want a homeschool curriculum that teaches about the earth's amazing places? Look no further. Switched-On Schoolhouse 4th Grade History & Geography from Alpha Omega Publications is just what you need. This colorful, appealing course will build your child's enthusiasm about geography with compelling lessons and engaging multimedia. This teacher-friendly Alpha Omega curriculum also offers personalized lesson plans, multiple printing options, and a helpful message center.

Your child will study a wide array of fun-filled topics like countries, cities, land topography, and much more! Filled with entertaining subjects, this cutting-edge, computer-based course gives your child a motivating environment for learning with games, video clips, and practice lessons. Switched-On Schoolhouse 4th Grade History & Geography will take your child from Cuba and the Amazon to Kenya and the Arctic! Give your fourth grader a comprehensive geography course he is sure to love. Order SOS 4th Grade History & Geography today!






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