LIFEPAC® 3rd Grade History & Geography 10-Unit Set LIFEPAC®3年级历史和地理学生本10单元组合



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Don't need the teacher's guide to teach your third grade student U.S. history and geography? No problem! Simply order the LIFEPAC 3rd Grade History & Geography 10-Unit Set! This set includes ten, colorful worktexts with one full year of lessons on the land, resources, and people of each region in the United States. Individual LIFEPACs come with self tests and one unit test.








Want to teach your third grade child history and geography with the best-selling LIFEPAC curriculum without purchasing the teacher's guide? Alpha Omega Publications has the solution: the LIFEPAC 3rd Grade History & Geography 10-Unit Set! This set of ten colorful worktexts takes your child on a virtual road trip to visit all eight regions of the United States, including the New England, Mid-Atlantic, Southern Atlantic, Southern, Great Lakes, Midwestern, Mountain, and Pacific states. Each worktext offers step-by-step homeschooling lessons that present topics from a Christian perspective, along with fun map activities, interesting cartoon characters, and engaging illustrations to keep your homeschool student excited to learn.

This is only the beginning! Unlike textbooks, the LIFEPAC 3rd Grade History & Geography 10-Unit Set worktexts are reduced in size for easier handling and portability, making learning more convenient for busy homeschool families on the go. What’s more, each self-paced worktext can be completed in as little as three to four weeks! Think of the sense of accomplishment your child will feel when he completes a booklet! Don't overlook the fact that each worktext contains concept reviews, self tests, and an end-of-unit test to ensure your child’s educational progress! Why wait? Save on your homeschool budget when you add a copy of the LIFEPAC 3rd Grade History & Geography 10-Unit Set to your shopping cart today.





是否想在不购买教师指南的情况下,通过畅销的LIFEPAC课程来教您的三年级孩子历史和地理?Alpha Omega Publications提供了解决方案:LIFEPAC三年级历史和地理10单元套装!这套十个丰富多彩的工作语录带您的孩子进行虚拟的公路旅行,以访问美国的所有八个地区,包括新英格兰,中大西洋,南部大西洋,南部,大湖区,中西部,山区和太平洋地区。每个工作文本都提供循序渐进的家庭学习课程,从基督徒的角度介绍主题,并提供有趣的地图活动,有趣的卡通人物和引人入胜的插图,以使您的家庭学校学生兴奋地学习。