LHXZ Wedding Supplies

 LHXZ 婚礼用品

        At the age of 18, Lydia HuiXian Zhou sister has completed a refresher course in fashion design. Lydia HuiXian Zhou sister has been doing some fashion design and matching items job in daily life, and there are some works. Thanks to God's blessings, Lydia HuiXian Zhou sister wore own designs, received special invitations from friends, photographed  advertisements, and photographed movies and photos advertisements of famous wedding photography store.  When Lydia HuiXian Zhou sister was very young, she had a wedding dress design ideas and dreams about her wedding.
         Here, Lydia HuiXian Zhou sister show some works here. From the age of 18, at the wedding, Lydia HuiXian Zhou sister hopes to wear own design wedding dress. Lydia Huixian Zhou sister has been working continuously for wedding dress design. Hoping that God blesses to realize this dream, and hopes God used these gifts to Lydia HuiXian Zhou to blessings God's kingdom brothers and sisters who in need. 
       The main elements of these wedding dresses and accessories are those that Lydia HuiXian Zhou sister have loved for many years, and they are related to some beautiful verses in the Bible; very well wishes for love and marriage, including: God's Kiss -  Baroque Pearls,Precious and romantic fusion shell pearls, diamonds, emeralds, seven-color rainbows, Gems, gold, crystals, etc. The works' jewelry is hand-stitched. 
        这些婚纱和配饰设计,主要的元素有周慧贤姊妹多年来一直喜爱的,与圣经一些美好金句内容相衔接的, 对爱情婚姻由非常美好祝福的,包括有: 上帝之吻-巴洛克珍珠,珍贵和浪漫融合的贝壳珍珠, 钻石,翡翠,七色彩虹,宝石,黄金,宝石,水晶等。作品的饰品是纯手工缝制的。

         This is an advertisement for a well-known brand manufacturer. In the photo, the red dress on the right is Lydia HuiXian Zhou sister at the age of 20. The red and black color clothes is designed by  Lydia HuiXian Zhou sister.


          The characters in this works are all without makeup. This works was shot in an era without retouching software. Photographer have won many international awards for photography.


As invited model,this job for a famous wedding photography store.

Photographer: The famous photographer invited by the wedding photo shop.

Age Year: Lydia HuiXian Zhou sister 20 years old   (No era of retouching software)



年代:周慧贤姊妹 的20岁 (没有修图软件的时代)


LHXZ Wedding Dress 

LHXZ 礼服婚纱

 LHXZ Wedding Accessories

 LHXZ 婚礼饰品

LHXZ Wedding Arrangement Supplies

LHXZ 婚礼布置用品

* Lydia have been working on these designs.

* July 2019,Lydia contiue doing these designs. 

* It takes time to prepare LHXC wedding supplies. Advance reservation is required.

* Necessary to respect Lydia HuiXian Chow sister's design job, and not allowed to modify or misappropriate.

* Some photos are licensed by the Lydia HuiXian Chow sister’s cooperation factory responsible.

* Some of them are designed for reference, and the actual display depends on the actual situation.


* Lydia 一直在进行这些设计。

* 2019年7月,Lydia 在继续这些设计。

* 预备LHXC 婚礼用品需要时间,需要提前预约。

* 需要尊重周慧贤姊妹的设计工作,不允许删改和盗用。

* 部分照片是由周慧贤姊妹的合作厂家负责。

* 其中一些设计为参考模样,实际展示以实际情况而定。