LIFEPAC® G11 English III Set


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While the primary focus of the LIFEPAC English III Set is a study in American literature, this Alpha Omega curriculum also features lessons in grammar, poetry, speech, and composition. Students will read and studyOur Town and The Old Man and the Sea, and enjoy excerpts from three centuries of American classics.



During the high school years, an essential part of the learning process centers on preparing for future academic pursuits. Curriculum at this stage should sharpen language skills as well as improve application of those skills in the real world. And that's what you'll find with the LIFEPAC English III Set. LIFEPAC's unique, integrated approach combines grammar, vocabulary, composition, and literature into one program. By building critical connections between all the language strands, this approach to language instruction enhances a student's ability to apply language skills in everyday life. Consisting of ten, full-color worktexts, the LIFEPAC English III Set provides daily instruction and application as well as quizzes and tests for evaluation. This homeschool course includes lessons in English uses and varieties, applied grammar, critical reading, poetry, non-fiction literature, and writing a research report. The development and history of American literature through three centuries is also studied in this Alpha Omega curriculum.
Designed to be student directed, this outstanding program encourages critical thinking and academic independence in your child. For the parent, a must-have teacher's guide includes teaching notes, answer keys, alternate tests, and an abundance of enrichment activities. The addition of these extra elements provides opportunities for individualization based on your child's particular needs. Sounds great, doesn't it? Enrich your child's language studies. Order the LIFEPAC English III Set now!