Lydia Enoch Theological Seminary



Preacher Lydia Chow, Called by the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, the Triune God,  in 2004, and her son  Enoch Chow, as co-worker called by  the Triune God in 2011.


Thank God for using Lydia and Enoch, founded the Fuller Church, gave Lydia received a vision , used Lydia and Enoch to gave lectures on the seminary podium 10 years ago, and founded come  teaching help platform for Christian education.


Thanks God for equipping Lydia and Enoch for the opportunity to study theology for about ten years; and for more than ten years to study the classic works of many great and famous pastors in the world.


In terms of actual service, in the past ten years or so, God used Lydia and Enoch. By according seted appointments, already met and helped more than 2,000 Pastors and leaders of the church who loyal to the Triune True  God. In addition, there are Many co-workers and fellow practitioners, many from all walks of life adore the Triune True God, kind-hearted, upright and outstanding Christians, and the people who want to following God.


There are also more and more people who love the Triune True God,  kindness and upright to contacting us on the Internet.


To help everyone have the most basic, most necessary, and comprehensive and sufficient understanding of the truth of the Bible, to teach and shepherd, and to understand Bible and use the Bible truth  in life.

You need to study Bible theology at Lydia Enoch Theological Seminary ?

Pray for God’s leadership,

the English version of the course will launch.