God led us came to the United States

三一真神带领我们来了美国 -  Aug. 2, 2017

Thank God for taking us to the United States. Because HIS life plan in our life  for HIS kingdom. In the summer of 2013, when I was teaching children's American AOP courses, in the 3rd Grade History and Geography subject, we talked about the weather on the Earth.We search network information indicates that the weather in the Seattle area is very well. Seattle is also known as have the best beautiful weather in the world. I also realized that the Seattle Area is perfect for God gave us the teaching children ministry. I prayed to God, when God takes us to the Unite States, we hope can to go to greater Seattle Area. At that time, I received a great moved from God: "One day when we will go to the United States, we will go to the greater Seattle Area." At that time, I also said to Enoch: "God takes us to the United States, we will go the greater Seattle Area."


Now, thank God for take us came to Greater Seattle Area. We arrived in the United States on August 2, 2017. When I got off the plane yesterday, the next day, we arrived in downtown Seattle. This is the first day we worked in the United States because God gave us the ministry Christian Education. On this day, we went to the Seattle Aquarium, the Seattle Art Museum, the Seattle Pike Place Market, the Seattle Space Needle, and more. 


Some pictures were taken on this day at the Seattle Aquarium. Here, children can touch these beautiful marine life with one finger. In addition, there are professional instructors to help children learn better and more. Now, we have been to downtown Seattle many times. 


感谢三一真神带我们来到美国。因为他的在我们人生里的生活计划,是为了他的国度。 2013年夏天,当我教授儿童美国AOP课程时,在G3历史和地理科目中,我们谈到了地球上的天气。我们搜索网络信息表示,西雅图地区的天气非常好。西雅图还有全球最美天气之称。我还意识到西雅图地区非常适合三一真神给我们的教导孩子们事工。我向三一真神祈祷,当三一真神带我们去美国,我们希望去西雅图。当时,我就接收到从三一真神而来的很大的感动:”有一天我们会去美国,就是去西雅图地区。“ 当时,我也跟以诺说了:”三一真神带我们去美国,我们会去西雅图。"




Aug.3,2017   Enoch in the Seattle Aquarium.




Aug.3,2017   Enoch in the Seattle Aquarium.


August 3, 2017 Lydia and Enoch at the Seattle Art Museum.

2017年8月3日 Lydia and Enoch 在西雅图艺术博物馆。


Seattle Museum Ticket



August 3, 2017 Enoch has a dessert shop at Seattle Pike Place Market.

2017年8月3日 以诺在西雅图派克市场一间甜品店。


May 5, 2018  At the Seattle Aquarium.



At the Seattle Aquarium  where the diving instructors could talk to the audience because their head-protecting device had intercom capabilities.这在西雅图海洋馆,这里的潜水讲解员能和观众对话,因为他们的保护头部的装置有对讲功能。

Sometimes, we also went to Seattle Chinatown, Bellevue lights, etc.; also went to the Isaqua Salmon Festival. 

有时,我们还去了西雅图中国城,贝尔维尤等; 还去了Isaqua三文鱼节。



The Isaqua Salmon Festival



At the Isaqua Salmon Festival, senior experts explain the relevant knowledge.



Salmon swims to Issaquah Creek

三文鱼洄游到Issaquah Creek



At evening, come up  the Space Needle can enjoy the beautiful night Seattle's lights.



August 3, 2017 Lydia and Enoch in Seattle Space Needle.

2017年8月3日 Lydia 和以诺在西雅图太空针塔


Praise and thanks to our great God! God has a wonderful plan for each of us.




Preacher Lydia Chow   周传道导师姊妹
Co-worker Enoch 同工 周以诺