Fuller Church Wedding



                                  Wedding Cake



 Cake stand material 蛋糕支架材质:PP

* 福乐教会婚礼为福乐教会成员举办。

* 预备LHXZ 婚礼用品需要时间,需要提前预约。

* 需要尊重周慧贤姊妹的设计工作,不允许删改和盗用。

* 部分照片是由周慧贤姊妹的合作厂家负责。

* 其中一些设计为参考模样,实际展示以实际情况而定。

* Fuller Church weddings are held for Fuller Church members.

* It takes time to prepare LHXZ wedding supplies. Advance reservation is required.

* Necessary to respect Lydia HuiXian Zhou sister's design job, and not allowed to modify or misappropriate.

* Some photos are licensed by the Lydia HuiXian Zhou sister’s cooperation factory responsible.

* Some of them are designed for reference, and the actual display depends on the actual situation.



Jan. 8, 2020

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