God Used Us To Heal Well Jonathan, A Child With Autism And Natural Brain Damage, Through Taught Him Sing  Praise Songs.



《The Father’s Garden》

The boy name :Jonathan ( Born in July, 2006) Video recording date:January, 2014 –October,2014 Saturday, August 31, 2013. Jonathan’s mother, Chen Feni, came to our house ,and she cried, and asked us to receive her son as our student. She said she knew that her son would be health in our place. I asked her to go back and tell their church, pray together for a week, she went back and told her pastor and church to pray together. This week, I also pray for them. Often, God gave me the task of teaching pastors, church leaders how to enter, using our American AOP & AOA academic system, and help them can continuing to help their children to learn. From 2009 to 2013, God used me already help the church leaders more than 1,300 and continued all the time.Usually, I and Enoch rarely receive children. So, this week, I also pray for them especially. Then I received the information from God , and asked us to take Jonathan to became our student and help him. Jonathan was a born brain damage autism kid by identified by the authority of the medical institutions in Beijing. At age 7, he still can’t speak.From September 2013 to May 2015, God uses us, by taught him to sing praise song of way to help him.Now,he can speak well and sing well. This day was his first opening song.I was able to record his first times,he open his voice to sing the song, because God told me to prepare the camcorder in advance.This morning, Jonathan was afraid her mother will say sing not well, so said to him, just our own look at this video. Later, after he agreed, video sent to his family. His family was very happy.Now, he was very happy to live with his family. By May 2015, Jonathan has been able to speak very well and can sing some praise poetry, remember the lyrics is great, his melody is also very accurate! His studies have also made continuous progress.Throughout the healing process, he also prayed and read the Bible with him every day, also thankful the Holy Spirit's work.Thanks for the Lord !

Concert language: Mandarin The song: 《The Father’s Garden》 Lyrics : In my Father’s house many flowers grow. Clothed with every color of light. Every flower waves to the skies above and be glad in the works of God. You and I are precious flower in His hand. He will carefully plant us watch us every day. He will be my shield ,so I will not be afraid. He will always keep us in his hand.

2013年8月31日,约拿单谢的妈妈陈芬妮姐妹,来到我们家,她哭着要求我们接收她的儿子做学生,她说,她知道,这样,她的儿子就会好。我要求她回去告诉他们教会,一起祈祷一周,她就回去,告诉她的牧师和教会一起祈祷。这一周,我也为他们祈祷。 通常,神给我的任务是教众教会的牧师,教会领袖如何进入,使用我们的美国AOP&AOA学业系统,并持续地帮助他们的孩子学习。从2009年-2013年,神使用我们已经帮助了超过1300位教会的领袖,并一直继续着。我们很少接收孩子学生。 所以,这一周,我也为特别他们祈祷。然后,我接收到神给我的信息,要我们收约拿单做我们的学生,帮助他。 男孩名字:Jonathan(2006年7月生) 录像日期:2014年1月 – 2014年10月 约拿单是一名天生的脑损受损和自闭症孩子,已经被北京医疗机构的权威检查鉴定。 到7岁时,他仍然不能说话。 在帮助约拿单的期间,神提醒我,赞美诗歌有医治的效果,让我教约拿单唱赞美诗歌。 从2013年9月到2015年5月,上帝使用我们,教他唱赞美歌曲来帮助他。现在他可以说得好,唱得好。这一天是他的第一首歌曲,我能够录制他的第一次,他打开他的声音唱歌,因为上帝告诉我提前准备摄像机。今天早上,乔纳森害怕她的母亲会说唱不好所以对他说,只是我们自己看这个视频。后来,他同意后,视频发给了他的家人。他的家人很高兴。现在他很高兴和他的家人住在一起。 视频的语言:中国的普通话 这首歌名字:“天父的花园” 歌词大意:“ 在我天父的家里,许多花成长。 红橙黄蓝绿,每朵小花都美丽。 微风轻飘逸,蓝天同欢喜,在天父的花园里。 你和我是他手中珍贵的花。 他会小心地每天看顾着我们。 他将是我的盾牌,所以我不会害怕。 他会永远保护我们。 ” 到2015年5月时,约拿单已经能很好很清晰的讲话,并能唱好些赞美诗歌,记歌词很棒,乐感也很好!他的学业也得到不断的进展。在整个医治的过程中,还有每天和他一起祈祷和读圣经,也感谢圣灵也不断作工。感谢赞美主!


                                                  In July 2, 2016, Jonathan Xie (Shangting Xie) and his mother- Fenny Chen sister‘s baptism.