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我们要感谢您对我们 Precious Best Treasure 商店的支持,祝您每一天都温馨快乐!






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Welcome to our Precious Best Treasure store!


The New Year 2024 has arrived. I wish you and your family and friends a wonderful and prosperous new year!


We are excited to share unique and fantastic products with you.


Make your holidays and every day extra special and creative by adding gifts to your shopping list from our store.


We have everything to help you create a happy and warm holiday and every day.


We are sure you will find the perfect Christian gifts, Easter gifts, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts and all kinds of gifts to express your love for your family and friends.


We would like to thank you for supporting our Precious Best Treasure store and wish you a warm and happy day!




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Last updated on January 1, 2024

神的爱系列 god's Love


Cup of Blessings Overflowing


Fruit English initials mug


Flowers English initials mug

树叶树系列 Leaft tree

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Detailed Explanation to Order Precious Best Treasure Christian Gifts 1



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你好。 欢迎来到我们的珍贵至宝店。


Precious Best Treasure设计师团队多年来热爱并从事艺术设计,以做出最高品质和独特的设计,在人群中脱颖而出。


我们很感激我们被祝福。 2008年,我院美术作品《蝴蝶能飞》在全国绘画大赛中荣获银奖,获奖美术作品在全国出版发行。 2017年,作品《城堡》荣获在美国举办的国际绘画大赛设立的十大作品奖之一,作品在国际上出版发行。




到目前为止,我们这里的品牌包括:Precious Best Treasure 和 Leafy Tree


我们的目标是为每个人带来最有意义的礼物,以表达神的爱并生活在上帝的爱中。 这里有各种不同的物品,您可以选择送给您所爱的人。


我们希望我们能够一起享受我们所拥有的令人惊叹和精彩的设计艺术作品。 与您一起祝福世界各地喜欢和需要的人们也一起享受。




网站 https://www.lydiaenoch Zhou.com/precious-best-treasure

邮箱:PBT@lydiaenoch Zhou.com


拥有者: 珍贵至宝


珍贵至宝设计师团队 - 美国华盛顿州大西雅图地区。






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取消和退货:不接受。 我们的产品是专门为您定制的。 因此,我们不接受退货或换货。 下订单前,请仔细检查您的拼写文本和尺寸。 如果您有任何疑问请给我们留言讨论。



About Precious Best Treasure


Hello. Welcome to our Precious Best Treasure Store.


The Precious Best Treasure Designer Team love and doing art design for many years, to make highest quality and unique designs that stand out from the crowd.


We are grateful for we are blessed. In 2008, our art painting work《The Butterfly Can Flying 》won the silver medal in the national painting competition, and our won art painting work was published and distributed nationwide. In 2017, our painting《The Castle》won one of the top ten works awards established by the international painting competition held in the United States, and our art work was published and distributed internationally.


We have continued to pursue artistic studies at God set our Fuller Church, our Lydia Enoch Theological Seminary, our Lydia Enoch University, our Lydia Enoch Academy ... that we are blessed.


So far, here, our brands include: Precious Best Treasure and Leafy Tree


Our goal is bring the most meaningful gifts to everyone for to show God's Love and living in God's love. Here we have all kinds of different items that you can choose to give to your loved ones.


We hope that together we can enjoy the amazing and wonderful design art works that we are blessed with. And join you in blessing people around the world who like and need also enjoys together.


If you have any questions feel free to message us.


Website  https://www.lydiaenochzhou.com/precious-best-treasure

Email: PBT@lydiaenochzhou.com


Owner: Precious Best Treasure


Precious Best Treasure Designer Team - Greater Seattle Area, WA USA. 


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