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Help your student understand America's past with the computer-based Switched-On Schoolhouse Vietnam Era for grades 9-12! This in-depth, one-semester elective takes a closer look at the long conflict of the Vietnam War by covering topics such as the Vietnamese country and people, the United States' involvement, the Cold War factor, and the war's consequences and aftermath. This Alpha Omega curriculum includes quizzes and tests. Order today!


帮助您的学生了解美国的过去与9 - 12年级的计算机为基础的时尚校舍越南时代! 这个深入的,一学期的选修课通过讲述越南国家和人民,美国的参与,冷战因素,战争的后果和善后等话题,仔细研究越南战争的长期冲突。 这个阿尔法欧米茄课程包括测验和测试。 今天就订购!



Does your teen realize the importance of the Vietnam War? Does he understand how and why this conflict occurred? If not, broaden his knowledge of American war history with Switched-On Schoolhouse Vietnam Era for grades 9-12! This one-semester elective goes in-depth and examines a difficult time in U.S. history with interactive, computer-based lessons that explain the experiences of the Vietnam War. Course topics include the factors that led to the war, Vietnam's role in the Cold War, the military strategy of the U.S., the anti-war movement, and the fall of Saigon. Filled with enriching material, this SOS elective encourages student learning with informative video clips, games, and fun, hands-on projects like writing a song about the involvement of the U.S. in Vietnam!

This Switched-On Schoolhouse course from Alpha Omega Publications also has teacher-friendly tools you'll love like automatic grading and lesson planning. Just think of all the hours you'll be able to save not doing endless paperwork! Plus, a built-in calendar, a helpful message center, and customizable curriculum make this history course much better than any textbook! Including a Christian-based point of view, this enriching Alpha Omega curriculum will help your student understand how the Vietnam War affected a generation of Americans and Vietnamese and what lessons we can learn from the Vietnam Era. Build your teen's knowledge of American history now! Order Switched-On Schoolhouse Vietnam Era for grades 9-12 today! Order now!






阿尔法欧米茄出版社的时尚校舍课程还具有您喜欢的教师友好工具,如自动分级和课程计划。想想你可以节省的所有时间,而不是做无休止的文书工作!此外,内置的日历,有用的信息中心和可定制的课程使得这门历史课程比任何教科书都要好得多!包括基于基督教的观点,这个丰富的阿尔法欧米茄课程将帮助你的学生理解越南战争如何影响一代美国人和越南人,以及我们可以从越南时代学到什么。现在建立你的青少年对美国历史的了解!今天订购 9-12年级 时尚校舍越南时代 !现在就下单!


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