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Want to get your teen ready for college math? Then, you need Switched-On Schoolhouse Trigonometry for grades 9-12! As a great prep course for advanced math courses, this one-semester, computer-based Alpha Omega curriculum covers topics like right angle trigonometry, trigonometric identities, graphing, the laws of sines and cosines, and polar coordinates. Pre-requisite is Algebra II. Includes quizzes and tests. Order today!


想让你的孩子准备好上大学的数学课? 然后,您需要9-12年级的时尚校舍三角学! 作为高级数学课程的一门精彩课程,这门一学期的基于计算机的阿尔法欧米茄课程涵盖了诸如直角三角学,三角身份,图形,正弦和余弦定律以及极坐标等主题。 先决条件是代数II。 包括测验和测试。 今天就订购!



Prepare your homeschool high schooler for future math courses and get him the Switched-On Schoolhouse Trigonometry elective for grades 9-12! Practical and informative, this one-semester, computer-based course covers trigonometry in clear, step-by-step lessons that will build your child's confidence in performing advanced math. Made for students who have completed Algebra II, this knowledge-building math course will show your teen how to develop trigonometric formulas and use them in "real world" applications! Plus, to make math lessons more fun, SOS has interactive, exciting multimedia tools like video clips, learning games, and animation to engage your high schooler in learning!

An innovative time-saver, Switched-On Schoolhouse offers homeschool parents a feature no textbook can—automatic grading and lesson planning! Now, you won't have to spend nights pouring over papers trying to check advanced math problems. In addition, this Christian-based SOS course has customizable curriculum, so you can always adjust math lessons to your student's learning pace. A built-in calendar and message center in this Alpha Omega curriculum also make organization a breeze. As an alternative to calculus, this trigonometry course will give your student a clear "big picture" of advanced math, as well as an understanding of how numeric, algebraic, and geometric concepts are used together to build a foundation of higher mathematical thinking. Don't wait to get your teen's mind in shape for college math! Give him a solid head start and order Switched-On Schoolhouse Trigonometry for grades 9-12 from Alpha Omega Publications today! Order now!








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