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Want to brush up your student's knowledge of American war history? Then, Switched-On Schoolhouse Civil War for grades 9-12 is just what you need! Bringing history to life, this interactive, computer-based Alpha Omega curriculum covers in-depth topics like the pre-war years, the division between the North and South, the South's secession, major war figures, pivotal battles, and the Reconstruction Era. Includes quizzes and tests.


想要提高你的学生对美国战争史的了解吗? 然后,9 - 12年级开启校舍内战正是你需要的! 这个互动的,基于计算机的阿尔法欧米茄课程将历史带入生活,涵盖战前年代,南北分裂,南方分裂国家,主要战争人物,关键战役和重建时代等深度主题。 包括测验和测试。



Want to spark your teen's interest in American history? You can with the fun, interactive computer-based Switched-On Schoolhouse The Civil War elective! Made for grades 9-12, this captivating, in-depth one-semester course will give your homeschool student a deeper look at the events surrounding one of the most pivotal points in American history—the Civil War. Making the past come alive, this SOS course includes a study of key war figures like Abraham Lincoln, and looks at the daily life of a soldier. Better than a textbook, this multimedia-enriched course comes with interactive maps, so your student can gain an understanding of war strategy and troop movement! Plus, video clips, learning games, and the "text-to-speech" tool are added to enhance learning.

Switched-On Schoolhouse also offers parents automatic grading and lesson planning! Imagine the elimination of endless hours pouring over paperwork! You'll actually have more time to spend teaching your child. In addition, to help make homeschooling a breeze, this one-of-a-kind Alpha Omega curriculum has a built-in calendar, a message center, and customizable lessons that can be easily altered to your student's learning pace! Taught from a Christian perspective, this enriching history course covers the points of contention between the North and South, major battles like the Battle of Gettysburg, the Emancipation Proclamation, the period of reconstruction, and the war's lasting impact on the United States. Get your child excited about history and order the fun, exciting Switched-On Schoolhouse Civil War elective for grades 9-12 from Alpha Omega Publications today!




想要激发你的青少年对美国历史的兴趣?你可以用有趣的,基于计算机的互动交换校舍内战选修课!针对9-12年级,这个迷人的,深入一学期的课程将让您的家庭学生更深入地了解围绕美国历史上最关键的一点 - 南北战争的事件。让过去活跃起来,这个时尚校舍课程包括对亚伯拉罕林肯等重要战争人物的研究,并着眼于士兵的日常生活。这个多媒体丰富的课程比教科书更好,它带有交互式地图,所以你的学生可以了解战争策略和部队运动!此外,还增加了视频剪辑,学习游戏和“文字转语音”工具,以加强学习。




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