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Switched-On Schoolhouse 12th Grade Government & Economics is an interesting government course taught in a cutting-edge, computer-based format. Engaging lessons in this Alpha Omega curriculum offer valuable topics such as international governments, the history of government, the Christian and government, finance, and more. Fun history projects are also included. Includes quizzes and tests.


时尚校舍12年级政府和经济学是一门有趣的政府课程,采用先进的基于计算机的格式。 参加这个阿尔法欧米茄课程的课程提供了有价值的话题,例如国际政府,政府历史,基督教和政府,金融等等。 有趣的历史项目也包括在内。 包括测验和测试。



It's time for your student to learn government! Explore the important world of party systems, government types, and economics with a fun, interactive homeschool course. Just use Switched-On Schoolhouse 12th Grade Government & Economics from Alpha Omega Publications! This award-winning, computer-based Alpha Omega curriculum gives your student a dynamic learning environment with multimedia tools like fun-to-watch video clips, animation, and interactive learning games. Designed to build your student's knowledge in a motivating format, SOS offers a comprehensive study with quality, Christian-centered academics. What could be better?

But there's more! Now you can teach your child the importance of law and order, leadership roles, free enterprise, and the stock market. And SOS has time-saving tools for parents too. How would you like to have grading and lesson planning done automatically for you? Wouldn't it be great to spend more time with your child and less time doing endless paperwork? We think you'll agree that nothing would be as wonderful as that. Because in the end, homeschooling should be about the time you spend teaching. So we've done all the maintaining and organizing for you so that you can focus on what's really important—your child. Come see what a difference it can make for you. Order Switched-On Schoolhouse 12th Grade Government & Economics today!




现在是你的学生学习政府的时候了!通过有趣的互动家教课程,探索党政体系,政府类型和经济学的重要世界。只需使用阿尔法欧米茄出版社的时尚校舍 12年级政府和经济学!这款屡获殊荣的基于计算机的阿尔法欧米茄课程为您的学生提供了一个充满活力的学习环境,其中包含有趣的视频剪辑,动画和互动学习游戏等多媒体工具。为了以激励的形式培养学生的知识,时尚校舍提供了一个以基督教为中心的高质量学者的全面研究。有什么更好的?


但还有更多!现在你可以教你的孩子法律和秩序,领导角色,自由企业和股票市场的重要性。 时尚校舍也为父母节省了时间。您希望如何为您自动完成评分和课程计划?花更多时间与孩子在一起,花更多时间做无尽的文书工作不是很好吗?我们认为你会同意没有比这更好的东西。因为最终,在家自学应该是你花在教学上的时间。所以我们为你做了所有的维护和组织工作,这样你就可以专注于真正重要的事情 - 你的孩子。来看看它可以为你带来什么不同。今天订购时尚校舍12级政府和经济!


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