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Discover America's past with Switched-On Schoolhouse 11th Grade American History! This computer-based Alpha Omega curriculum offers an in-depth 10-unit review of U.S. History with topics like the American Republic, the Civil and Revolutionary Wars, the Industrial Revolution, the World Wars, and more. Essay projects are included. Includes quizzes and tests.

通过时尚校舍11年级美国历史,发现美国的过去! 这款基于计算机的阿尔法欧米茄课程以美国共和国,内战和革命战争,工业革命,世界大战等为主题,深入探讨美国历史的10个单元。 包括作文项目。 包括测验和测试。



Explore America's exciting past! Now it's fun and easy with Switched-On Schoolhouse 11th Grade American History from Alpha Omega Publications. This fun-filled, computer-based history course will give your child a comprehensive study of U.S. History. And your student will experience a whole new dimension of learning with this state-of-the-art Alpha Omega curriculum. How? With SOS, appealing lessons are filled with dynamic multimedia tools—such as video clips, animation, and interactive learning games. Imagine your child actually watching Martin Luther King, Jr. speak or a space shuttle take-off! You can't get that with any other homeschool curriculum, and your child will definitely be captivated.

But wait, there's more! Parents also get amazing benefits with Switched-On Schoolhouse—like automatic grading and lesson planning. What could better than spending less time doing paperwork and more time with teaching your child? We sure can't think of anything better. Plus, to give you choices, SOS has multiple print options and customizable curriculum and projects. Plus, your student will receive a quality overview of U.S. History, including studies on the American Revolution, Civil War, the Industrial Revolution, and much more. This up-to-date history course also has information on Hurricane Katrina, the War in Iraq, and the Shuttle Program. Come try Switched-On Schoolhouse 11th Grade American History for yourself today. You and your student will be glad you did.




探索美国令人兴奋的过去!从阿尔法欧米茄出版社的时尚校舍 11年级美国历史,现在它很有趣也很容易。这个有趣的,基于计算机的历史课程将为您的孩子全面研究美国历史。学生将通过这一最先进的阿尔法欧米茄课程体验全新的学习方式。怎么样?借助时尚校舍,吸引人的课程充满了动态多媒体工具 - 如视频剪辑,动画和互动学习游戏。想象一下,你的孩子实际上正在看马丁路德金,小说或者航天飞机起飞!你不能通过任何其他的家庭教育课程来获得这些,你的孩子一定会被迷住。


但是,等等,还有更多!家长还可以通过时尚校舍的自动分级和课程计划获得惊人的收益。有什么比花更少的时间做文书工作更好的时间来教你的孩子呢?我们当然不能想到更好的东西。另外,为了给你选择,时尚校舍有多种打印选项和可定制的课程和项目。此外,您的学生将获得美国历史的高质量概览,包括关于美国革命,内战,工业革命等等的研究。这份最新的历史课程还提供有关卡特里娜飓风,伊拉克战争和航天飞机计划的信息。今天就订购时尚校舍 11年级美国历史。你和你的学生会很高兴你做到了。


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