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Discover the benefits of healthy living with Switched-On Schoolhouse Physical Fitness for grades 9-12! This practical, one-semester elective nurtures your child's body and mind with interactive lessons that cover the benefits of basic nutrition, physical fitness, and healthy lifestyles. This Alpha Omega curriculum also requires students to design personal fitness goals and complete exercises using a daily activity log. Quizzes and tests are included.


通过9至12年级时尚校舍体育锻炼,发现健康生活的好处! 这个实用的,一学期的选修课,通过互动课程培养孩子的身心,涵盖基本营养,体能和健康生活方式的益处。 这个阿尔法欧米茄课程还要求学生设计个人健身目标,并使用日常活动日志完成练习。 包括测验和测试。



Help your high school student get in shape with Switched-On Schoolhouse Physical Fitness from Alpha Omega Publications! This six-unit elective covers the basics of nutrition, physical exercise, and healthy lifestyle choices, as well as weight control, flexibility training, resistance training, cardiovascular fitness, and strength training. Christ-centered lessons challenge your child with motivational training techniques and cutting-edge technology that includes video and audio clips, animations, web-related links, and learning games.

Switched-On Schoolhouse Physical Fitness also offers automatic grading, lesson planning, and recordkeeping. Plus, SOS includes a built-in calendar, so you can easily adjust your child's daily tasks. In addition, your child will love the highlighting feature in this Alpha Omega curriculum that makes studying for quizzes and tests easier. Get your child moving and order the SOS Physical Fitness elective for your homeschool today!




通过使用阿尔法欧米茄出版物时尚校舍体育活动健身课程,帮助您的高中学生身形! 这六部分选修课包括营养,体育锻炼和健康生活方式选择的基础知识,以及体重控制,灵活性训练,抵抗力训练,心血管健身和力量训练。 以基督为中心的课程以激励性训练技巧和包括视频和音频剪辑,动画,网络相关链接和学习游戏在内的尖端技术向您的孩子挑战。


时尚校舍体育活动健身课程还提供自动分级,课程计划和记录保存。 另外,SOS包含一个内置日历,因此您可以轻松调整孩子的日常任务。 此外,您的孩子会喜欢Alpha Alpha课程中的高亮功能,使学习测验和测试变得更容易。 让你的孩子搬家,今天订购适合你家庭学校的时尚校舍体育健身选修课!


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