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Switched-On Schoolhouse 9th Grade Bible is an engaging, computer-based Christian Alpha Omega curriculum made with interactive multimedia tools. High-quality topics studied in this one-year Bible course include in-depth look at the New Testament, the Gospels, and an interesting overview of the Apostles. Bible verses and essay projects are included. Includes quizzes and tests.


时尚校舍9年级圣经是一个基于计算机的基于计算机的交互式多媒体工具制作的基督教阿尔法欧米加课程。 在这个为期一年的圣经课程中学习的高质量课题包括深入研究新约,福音书和对使徒的有趣概述。 包括圣经经文和散文项目。 包括测验和测试。



It's time to explore the New Testament! Give your child an interesting, comprehensive look at the Bible with Switched-On Schoolhouse 9th Grade New Testament Survey. This cutting-edge Alpha Omega curriculum contains eye-catching, computer-based lessons which include important biblical content, verses, and more. Now, you can easily enrich your child's learning experience with this course's engaging multimedia tools like video clips and learning games. This dynamic, state-of-the-art homeschool curriculum will capture both your child's interest and build solid biblical foundations. What could be better? Plus, SOS 9th GradeNew Testament Survey offers two Bible versions to choose from—either the King James Version or New American Standard Bible®.

But you haven't heard the best part! The Switched-On Schoolhouse curriculum is packed with teacher-friendly tools like automatic grading and lesson planning. Just what you've always wanted, right? Now you can spend less time doing paperwork and more time with your child. It's the perfect solution! Plus, your child will learn high-quality Christian content and study topics like Bible verses, the Gospels, the Apostles, and the Epistles. Made just for your high schooler, SOS 9th Grade New Testament Survey from Alpha Omega Publications makes a wonderful Christ-centered addition to your courses. Why wait? Order to try it today!




现在是探索新约的时候了!通过时尚校舍九年级新约调查,让您的孩子对圣经有趣而全面的了解。这款尖端的阿尔法欧米茄课程包含引人注目的基于计算机的课程,其中包括重要的圣经内容,经文等等。现在,您可以使用本课程中引人入胜的多媒体工具(如视频剪辑和学习游戏)轻松地丰富您孩子的学习体验。这种充满活力的最先进的家庭教育课程将同时抓住您孩子的兴趣并建立坚实的圣经基础。有什么更好的?此外,时尚校舍第9年级新约调查提供了两种圣经版本可供选择 - 国王詹姆斯版或新美国标准圣经版。


但是你没有听到最好的部分! 时尚校舍课程融合了老师友好的工具,如自动评分和课程计划。就是你一直想要的,对吧?现在,您可以花更少的时间完成文书工作,并且可以花更多时间陪伴孩子这是完美的解决方案!此外,您的孩子将学习高品质的基督教内容,并学习圣经经文,福音书,使徒和书信等主题。专为你的高中生而设,来自阿尔法欧米茄出版社的时尚校舍 9年级新约调查为你的课程提供了以基督为中心的精彩内容。为什么要等?今天就订购尝试它!


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