Monarch 4th Grade Math  帝王在线四年级数学

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Teach fourth grade math the fun way with Monarch 4th Grade Math. This online Alpha Omega curriculum uses interactive lessons to teach decimals, whole numbers, fractions, factors, multiples, and shapes. Accessible 24/7, this Monarch homeschool course also includes challenging games, videos, and online activities to enhance learning. Purchase of this individual Monarch course grants access to one child for 18 months beginning on the date of activation.



The U.S. AOP Monarch Online Course Usage:

1. Open AOP official website address , click "Start your FREE TRIAL"

2. In the registration page, enter our code Code: MON30FHS Follow the steps can to complete the registration.
3. Settings & manage parents (or teachers) and one or more student accounts
on this landing management page:




AOP Monarch 使用方法


1. 打开AOP 官网地址    点击 Start your FREE TRIAL 

2. 在注册网页,输入我们的代码 Code:  MON30FHS     跟着步骤完成注册

    (我们的君主课程的信息和代码可以私密给有需要的弟兄姊妹们一起祝福其他有需要的人 )


3. 设置&管理家长(或教师)和一个或多个学生的账户 在这个登陆管理页面:





Make math lessons exciting for your homeschooler with Monarch 4th Grade Math from Alpha Omega Publications. This online Alpha Omega curriculum features multimedia elements like animations, video and audio clips, and interactive games to enhance learning. The Bible-based Monarch homeschool course clearly explains fractions, lines, shapes, whole numbers, decimals, Roman numerals, and more.



Accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world, this engaging Monarch homeschool course can be used with Windows® or Macintosh® systems. Plus, automatic grading and lesson planning are included in the Alpha Omega curriculum to save hours of time and reduce paperwork. In addition, multiple printing options allow you to print assignments for additional work or hands-on review and assignment screens show daily assignments, due dates, and grades. Give your child a firm understanding of basic math skills and order Monarch 4th Grade Math today.


Resources  资源

Scope and Sequence  课程内容范围和目录

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