Monarch 3rd Grade Language Arts 帝王在线三年级语言艺术科目

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Improve your child's grammar with the interactive Monarch 3rd Grade Language Arts. Accessible 24/7, this online Alpha Omega curriculum teaches reading, grammar, spelling, composition, poetry, and more. This Monarch homeschool course also uses multimedia tools like video clips, animations, games, and hands-on projects to enhance learning. Purchase of this individual Monarch course grants access to one child for 18 months beginning on the date of activation.

通过帝王在线三年级语言艺术课程提高您孩子的语法水平。 这个在线阿尔法欧米茄课程每周7天,每天24小时开放,教授阅读,语法,拼写,作文,诗歌等。 这帝王家庭教育课程还使用多媒体工具,如视频剪辑,动画,游戏和实践项目,以加强学习。 在激活之日起,购买帝王在线课程可授予一个孩子18个月的使用权限。

The U.S. AOP Monarch Online Course Usage:

1. Open AOP official website address , click "Start your FREE TRIAL"

2. In the registration page, enter our code Code: MON30FHS Follow the steps can to complete the registration.
3. Settings & manage parents (or teachers) and one or more student accounts
on this landing management page:





AOP Monarch 使用方法


1. 打开AOP 官网地址    点击 Start your FREE TRIAL 

2. 在注册网页,输入我们的代码 Code:  MON30FHS     跟着步骤完成注册

    (我们的君主课程的信息和代码可以私密给有需要的弟兄姊妹们一起祝福其他有需要的人 )


3. 设置&管理家长(或教师)和一个或多个学生的账户 在这个登陆管理页面:


Strengthen your third grade student's reading skills with Monarch 3rd Grade Language Arts from Alpha Omega Publications. This interactive Alpha Omega curriculum uses online lessons to teach spelling, grammar, reading, and language basics like the parts of speech. In addition, this Monarch homeschool course covers dictionary skills, friendly letters, Haiku poetry, and root words, as well as making predictions in stories.

Offering multimedia tools that explain writing concepts through animations, videos, audio files, and learning games, Monarch 3rd Grade Language Arts requires no installation and is fully compatible with Windows® or Macintosh® systems. Plus, this dynamic Monarch homeschool program has time-saving features like automatic grading and lesson planning. In addition, enhanced security features reduce opportunities for cheating on tests and quizzes. Enjoy the benefits of homeschooling online and order Monarch 3rd Grade Language Arts today!


来自阿尔法欧米茄出版社的帝王在线三年级语言艺术课程提高你的三年级学生的阅读能力。 这种互动的阿尔法欧米茄课程使用在线课程来教授拼写,语法,阅读和语言基础知识,如词类。 此外,这个帝王在线家庭教育课程涵盖了词典技巧,友善的信件,Haiku句诗歌和根词,以及在故事中进行预测。



Monarch 3rd Grade Language Arts提供通过动画,视频,音频文件和学习游戏来解释书写概念的多媒体工具,无需安装,并且与Windows®或Macintosh®系统完全兼容。 此外,这个动态的帝王家庭教育计划具有省时的功能,如自动分级和课程计划。 另外,增强的安全功能减少了在测试和测验中作弊的机会。 享受网上在线自学的好处,并立即订购帝王在线三年级语言艺术课程


Resources  资源

Scope and Sequence 课程内容范围和目录 


System Requirements  电脑系统要求

In addition to a reliable High Speed Internet Connection and a recent version of Adobe Flash Player, you must have one of the following browsers:

Supported Browsers

  • Google Chrome (current version)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (versions 11 & 10)
  • Mozilla Firefox (current version)
  • Apple Safari (version 9)

Best Effort Browsers

Apple Safari (version 8)

Microsoft Edge*

*While a number of touchscreen-specific features are built into Windows 10, we do not officially support touchscreen interactions at this time.