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Start your homeschooling journey off right with the Bible-based, Horizons Complete Curriculum and Multimedia Set from Alpha Omega Publications! Two student workbooks, two teacher's guides, a resource packet, a sing along music CD, and a multimedia set lay a solid foundation for your preschooler's academic success.


从阿尔法欧米茄出版社出版的基于圣经的地平线课程和多媒体完整套装课程,开始您的家庭学校旅程! 两本学生作业手册,两本教师指南,一份资源包,一张音乐CD唱片和一套多媒体光盘设备,为您的学龄前儿童的学业成功奠定了坚实的基础。




Give your preschooler a love for God and the world around him with Horizons Complete Curriculum and Multimedia Set. Based upon the Bible, this complete preschool curriculum contains 180 engaging lessons that help your child discover and learn social studies, language arts, math, phonics, and science from the viewpoint of the Creator. Arts and crafts, music, story times, outdoor excursions, and other exciting learning activities enhance each lesson's objectives and theme. Concepts are reinforced through games, songs, poems, and drama to prepare your preschooler for kindergarten in a Christian environment. Plus, comprehensive teacher's guides adapt to your homeschool schedule with flexible lesson plans that make teaching your child fun.

The multimedia set includes an extensive list of music CDs and DVDs that perfectly integrate into each day's learning activities, providing everything you need for your preschooler's early childhood education. Order the Horizons Complete Curriculum and Multimedia Set today and start your child on a lifelong love of learning!




使用 地平线学前班课程和多媒体完整套装,给你的学龄前儿童爱上帝和他周围的世界。根据圣经,这个完整的学前课程包含180个有吸引力的课程,帮助您的孩子从造物主的角度发现和学习社会研究,语言艺术,数学,语音学和科学。艺术和手工艺,音乐,故事时间,户外游览和其他令人兴奋的学习活动增强了每个课程的目标和主题。通过游戏,歌曲,诗歌和戏剧来加强概念,为基督教环境中幼儿园的学龄前儿童做好准备。此外,全面的教师指南适合您的家庭学校时间表灵活的教案,帮助您有趣的教学给您的孩子。


多媒体套装包括大量音乐CD和DVD,完美融入每一天的学习活动,为学龄前儿童的幼儿教育提供所需的一切。立即订购 地平线学前班课程和多媒体完整套装,让您的孩子开始终身学习!