LIFEPAC® Kindergarten Math Student Book 1 幼儿园数学学生用书 1

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Teach your child math the fun way with LIFEPAC Kindergarten Math Student Book 1! This bright, full-color workbook teaches beginning math skills like direction, comparisons, colors, cardinal and ordinal numbers, shapes, and number order. Eighty step-by-step lessons, perforated pages, and helpful guide bars are included in this Alpha Omega curriculum.

用LIFEPAC幼儿园数学学生第1册教你的孩子数学有趣的方式! 这个明亮的全彩色练习册教授开始数学技能,如方向,比较,颜色,基数和序数,形状和数字顺序。 阿尔法欧米伽课程中包含80个分步课程,穿孔页面和实用指南。


Ready to teach numbers to your kindergartener? Want to do it with an easy-to-follow math workbook? Alpha Omega Publications has just what you need—LIFEPAC Kindergarten Math Student Book 1! This fun, entry level workbook has colorful, consumable lessons perfect for young beginners. Laying a solid math foundation, this first of two student books helps teach basic arithmetic like numbers and counting! Lessons 1-80 include instruction for beginning math skills such as directions, matching, cardinal and ordinal numbers 1-9, colors, shapes, sequencing, and simple problem solving. And bright illustrations are included to capture your young student's interest!

But that's not all. The soft-cover LIFEPAC Kindergarten Math Student Book 1 also comes with perforated pages for easy removal! So, now you don't have to struggle with bulky textbooks anymore and your child can easily write in lessons and complete problems. Plus, removable pages in this Alpha Omega curriculum allow your young student to proudly hang his work on your refrigerator or wall! This step-by-step homeschool student book also has self-paced lessons so you can easily personalize instruction and activities. Sound great? It is! And to ensure your student is mastering content, consistent reviews are added to build comprehension. Don't wait; try this popular curriculum today! Just order the LIFEPAC Kindergarten Math Student Book 1 and see how easy and fun it is to teach math to your kindergartener.




准备好给你的幼儿园儿童教数字?想要用易于理解的数学练习册来做到这一点吗? 阿尔法欧米伽出版社满足您的需求 -  LIFEPAC幼儿园数学学生用书1!这个有趣的入门级练习册提供了丰富多彩的消费课程,非常适合初学者。奠定坚实的数学基础,这两本学生书中的第一本有助于教授数字和计数等基本算术!课程1-80包括开始数学技能的指导,如方向,匹配,基数和序数1-9,颜色,形状,排序和简单的问题解决。并且包含明亮的插图以吸引年轻学生的兴趣!



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