LIFEPAC® Kindergarten Language Arts Student Book 1 幼儿园语言艺术学生用书 1


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ISBN  9780867178302 


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The LIFEPAC Kindergarten Language Arts Student Book 1 is filled with colorful, fun lessons. Fundamental topics in this Alpha Omega curriculum include the alphabet, colors, directions, grammar, listening, phonics, shapes, and writing. Eighty step-by-step lessons are included in this entry-level workbook, along with perforated pages and letter guide line bars.


LIFEPAC幼儿园语言艺术学生第1册充满了丰富多彩,有趣的课程。 这个Alpha Omega课程的基本主题包括字母,颜色,方向,语法,听力,语音,形状和写作。 本入门级工作簿中包含80个分步课程,以及穿孔页面和字母引导线条。


Want to teach your child to read? Are you looking for an easy-to-teach workbook? Look no further. Alpha Omega Publications has just what you need—the LIFEPAC Kindergarten Language Arts Student Book 1. This beginners workbook is filled with colorful, encouraging lessons made especially for young learners! Laying a solid language foundation, this first of two workbooks presents basic phonics skills in a consumable, print-based format. Lessons 1-80 include instruction for beginning phonics such as initial consonant sounds, short vowel sounds, blending letters, and constructing simple sentences. And bright illustrations are included in this Alpha Omega curriculum to capture your child's interest!

But that's not all. The soft-cover LIFEPAC Kindergarten Language Arts Student Book 1 also comes with perforated pages for easy removal! Just what you need, right? Now, your child can easily complete lessons and assignments! Your student doesn't have to struggle trying to write in a large textbook. Plus, plenty of room is left in each lesson for practice and rewriting. This student book contains flexible, self-paced lessons great for personalized instruction! Consistent reviews are also included to ensure content mastery. What could be more reassuring? Try this best-selling homeschool curriculum today and experience the joy of teaching your young student to read! Just order the LIFEPAC Kindergarten Language Arts Student Book 1 today.




想教你的孩子读书吗?您在寻找易于教学的工作簿吗?不要再犹豫了。 阿尔法欧米伽出版社正是您所需要的 -  LIFEPAC幼儿园语言艺术学生用书1.这本初学者练习册充满了丰富多彩,令人鼓舞的课程,尤其适合年轻学生!奠定坚实的语言基础,这两本工作簿中的第一本以基于打印的消费格式呈现基本的语音技能。第1-80课包括开始拼音的指令,如初始辅音,短元音,混合字母和构造简单句子。此阿尔法欧米伽课程中包含明亮的插图,以吸引孩子的兴趣!



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