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 LIFEPAC 幼儿园 2 门学科套装将帮助您的孩子开始学习数学和语言艺术概念。丰富多彩的综合主题包括数字、形状、颜色、声音、大小写字母、时间以及加减法。此 阿尔法欧米伽 课程中的每个科目都有 160 个基于工作文本的课程以及相应的教师指南。


The LIFEPAC Kindergarten 2-Subject Set will help teach your child beginning Math and Language Arts concepts. Colorful, comprehensive topics include numbers, shapes, colors, sounds, upper and lowercase letters, time, and addition and subtraction. Each subject in this Alpha Omega curriculum has 160 worktext-based lessons with corresponding teacher's guides.



寻找完整的基督教幼儿园课程?阿尔法欧米伽出版社 有答案!现在,您可以通过购买 LIFEPAC 幼儿园 2 主题套装来培养学生的学习能力,并且您将同时获得幼儿园语言艺术和幼儿园数学。您的小学生一定会期待在 LIFEPAC 丰富多彩、充满乐趣的课程中学习!易于理解的课程基于工作文本,包括为教授数学和语言技能而创建的各种活动。

您想一次订购所有科目吗?阿尔法欧米伽出版社 有答案。LIFEPAC 幼儿园 2 主题套装包含您在家上学一年所需的一切。有了这套方便的 Alpha Omega 课程集,您将同时学习语言艺术和数学这两个科目。每个科目包含九个主要主题和一个指导学习过程的复习。有了这套课程,您可以放心,您的孩子将为未来的学习打下坚实的基础。还有什么比这更方便或更令人放心的呢?立即订购 LIFEPAC 幼儿园 2 主题套装,以接收您的一体化家庭学校课程。




Looking for a complete Christian kindergarten curriculum? Alpha Omega Publications has the answer! Now, you can build your student's learning by purchasing the LIFEPAC Kindergarten 2-Subject Set and you'll get Kindergarten Language Arts and Kindergarten Math together. Your young student will definitely look forward to learning with LIFEPAC's colorful, fun-filled lessons! Easy-to-follow lessons are worktext-based and include diverse activities created to teach math and language skills.

Do you want to order all your subjects at once? Alpha Omega Publications has the answer. The LIFEPAC Kindergarten 2-Subject Set has everything you need for a full homeschooling year. With this handy Alpha Omega curriculum set, you will receive both subjects—Language Arts and Math. Each subject contains nine major topics and a review to guide the learning process. With this curriculum set, you can be assured your child will build a solid foundation for future learning. What could be more convenient or reassuring? Order the LIFEPAC Kindergarten 2-Subject Set today to receive your all-in-one homeschool curriculum.



  • 打印工作文本
  • 基于掌握的学习形式
  • 综合课程计划
  • 自定进度,独立学习

At a Glance

  • Print worktexts
  • Mastery-based learning format
  • Integrated lesson plans
  • Self-paced, independent study


  • 基督教工作文本课程
  • K-12 年级
  • 基于精通
  • 5个主要科目
  • 许多选修课
  • 自定进度


  • Christian Worktext Curriculum
  • Grades K-12
  • Mastery-based
  • 5 Main Subjects
  • Numerous Electives
  • Self-paced


  • LIFEPAC® 幼儿园语言艺术套装语言艺术
  • 数学