LIFEPAC® Foundations for Living Set


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Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications


ISBN: 9780740303715

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Country/Region of Manufacture: United States 

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Equip your student with godly values! With LIFEPAC Foundations for Living, your child will study God's Word and how to apply its instructions to everyday situations. This one-year course has ten, colorful worktexts and a helpful teacher's guide. This Bible-focused Alpha Omega curriculum for grades 9-12 helps teach your student how to live for and glorify God!



Does your child know solid biblical guidelines and is he ready to face the world's challenges? Equip him with LIFEPAC Foundations for Living—a Christ-centered elective course from Alpha Omega Publications. Created for your high schooler, this one-year course offers an in-depth look into God's Word and how to apply its lessons to everyday life. Plus, it also covers difficult issues your soon-to-be graduate will encounter in adulthood. Topics in this Alpha Omega curriculum include man's purpose in the world, the Christian family and roles, dating and courtship, education, art, politics, and more! This invaluable elective will build your child's understanding of practical Christian living.

And there's more. Divided into ten, colorful worktexts, this easy-to-follow Bible course has motivating lessons, Bible verses, and much more! No large, intimidating textbooks here! And to help homeschooling parents, LIFEPAC Foundations of Living comes with a must-have teacher's guide. This handy, time-saving resource is filled with teaching tips, lesson objectives, supplemental activities, and an answer guide. What could be better? In addition, LIFEPAC lessons are self-paced, flexible, and created for personalized instruction. So, don't wait to take advantage of this offer. Order LIFEPAC Foundations for Living today and build a solid Christian foundation and biblical worldview for your student!