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Does your student understand American government and citizenship? With LIFEPAC Civics for grades 7-12, he will! This one-semester, consumable Alpha Omega curriculum course covers important topics such as American government, state and local government, worldwide politics, and citizenship responsibility. LIFEPAC Civics has five, full-color worktexts.


您的学生是否了解美国政府和公民身份? 使用7-12级的LIFEPAC Civics,他们能做到! 这个为期一学期的消耗性的Alpha Omega课程涵盖了重要的主题,如美国政府,州和地方政府,全球政治和公民责任。 LIFEPAC Civics有五种全彩色工作本。




Do you want to give your student a solid understanding of American government and his role as a citizen? Then Alpha Omega Publications has just what you need—LIFEPAC Civics for grades 7-12! This colorful, worktext-based course covers comprehensive topics such as government types, leadership roles, economic systems, politics, and much more! Filled with step-by-step lessons, this consumable civics course will give your child a better understanding of the American governmental system and the roles of individual citizens.
And that's not all. To engage your child in learning, LIFEPAC offers full-color illustrations and clear directions in each daily lesson. Uniquely different than other curriculums, LIFEPAC divides lessons into separate unit worktexts to encourage student learning! No large, intimidating textbooks here. Here's the best part—this step-by-step Alpha Omega curriculum emphasizes mastery learning techniques so students can confidently work independently. And to help parents, the LIFEPAC teacher's guide contains essential information like teaching notes, answer keys, alternate tests, and many alterative activities. What could be better? Try this best-selling, Bible-based curriculum to see how fun teaching civics and American government can be! Just order LIFEPAC Civics today!



您想让您的学生对美国政府及其作为公民的角色有充分的了解吗?那么Alpha Omega出版物就能满足您的需求 -  7-12级的LIFEPAC Civics!这个丰富多彩的,基于工作文字的课程涵盖了政府类型,领导角色,经济系统,政治等综合主题!这个耗材的公民课程充满了循序渐进的课程,将让您的孩子更好地了解美国政府系统和个别公民的角色。



而这还不是全部。为了让您的孩子参与学习,LIFEPAC在每日课程中提供全彩色插图和明确指示。与其他课程完全不同,LIFEPAC将课程分为单独的单元工作区,以鼓励学生学习!这里没有大型的,令人生畏的教科书。这是最好的部分 - 这个逐步的Alpha Omega课程强调掌握学习技巧,以便学生可以自信地独立工作。为了帮助父母,LIFEPAC教师指南包含基本信息,如教学笔记,答案键,备用测试和许多替代活动。还有什么比这更好的?试试这本畅销的,基于圣经的课程,看看教学公民和美国政府的乐趣是多么有趣!立即订购LIFEPAC Civics!