LIFEPAC® 3rd Grade 5-Subject Set 生命课程三年级五科目套装


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Product Dimensions: 18.5 x 12 x 10 inches

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   The LIFEPAC 3rd Grade Science Set is a fun-filled science course which focuses on the observation of and interaction with God's creation! In this engaging worktext-based program, your child will learn about plants and animals, food and eating, properties of matter, how sound is heard, the earth and its seasons, rocks, and more. A teacher's guide is included in this Alpha Omega curriculum.


使用生命课程 3年级5科目套装课程扩展您孩子的学习!这套色彩缤纷的一体化套装包含五个核心科目 - 圣经,历史与地理,科学,语言艺术和数学。这个阿尔法欧米茄课程中的每个科目都有十个工作学生本和一个教师指南本。所有灵活的生命课程都有引人入胜的基于圣经的内容。




   Does your child understand why the seasons change? How about what makes a plant grow? Wouldn't it be great to know that he's learning these lessons from a curriculum which stresses the existence of a Creator God? Give your child all this and more with LIFEPAC Science homeschool curriculum! In the LIFEPAC 3rd Grade Science Set, your child will develop scientific observation skills as part of instruction in the four major science strands. These strands—life sciences, earth and space sciences, physical science, and the nature of science—are an integral part of a complete study of God's world. Ten colorful worktexts present LIFEPAC 3rd Grade Science lessons in a format which is sure to fascinate your child. Hewill love the presentation of lessons on what a body needs to grow, the parts of a plant and how it grows, how animals grow and change, the food groups and healthy eating, the states of matter, the rotation and revolution of the earth, and more.



   But let's face itmany parents dread teaching science! At Alpha Omega Publications, we think teaching science should be easy—and fun! We've created an essential teacher's guide which consists of general teaching resources, detailed teaching notes, complete answer keys, alternate tests, and science equipment lists. Additional resources, activities, and experiments are also included. What could be better? These special features are designed to encourage personalized instruction geared toward your homeschooling student's interest and academic ability. Student worktexts in this Alpha Omega curriculum include daily instruction, review questions, and experiments, as well as opportunities for regular assessment. So, what are you waiting for? Order the LIFEPAC 3rd Grade Science Set for your child today!




厌倦了无休止地购买完整的课程设置? 阿尔法欧米茄出版社满足您的需求! 生命课程 3年级5科目套装组合成一个多功能组合,包含五个核心科目:圣经,历史和地理,科学,语言艺术和数学!这个循序渐进的,以圣经为中心的课程基于掌握学习的概念,并提供个性化教学的灵活性。丰富多彩,自定进度的课程和补充的实践活动使这个家庭学校的阿尔法欧米茄出版社课程套装有趣和轻松。



每个生命课程主题包含十个单独的工作学生本和教师指南。充满激励性的课程和多样化的复习问题,生命课程 3年级5科目套装将为您的孩子提供扎实,全面的教育!在可负担性方面,这个完整的课程设置是一个不容错过的交易!想象一下你需要的所有东西!什么可以更方便?充分利用此优惠,即可获得整个学年所需的一切。只需订购最畅销的生命课程 3年级5科目套装吧!


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