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需要一点帮助来确定完成每个 LIFEPAC 需要多长时间?如果是这样,LIFEPAC 学习指南正是您所需要的!这个易于使用的 Alpha Omega 课程清单垫有帮助列,用于确定完成 LIFEPAC 的目标日期。页面也有逐步复选标记框。尺寸为 8 ½" x 11"。包括 50 页。

Need a little help figuring out how long it should take to finish each LIFEPAC? If so, the LIFEPAC Study Guide is just what you need! This easy-to-use Alpha Omega curriculum checklist pad has helpful columns made for determining target dates for completing LIFEPACs. Pages also have step-by-step check mark boxes. Measures 8 ½" by 11". Includes 50 pages.



不太确定您的学生需要多长时间才能完成 LIFEPAC 工作文本?希望您有 LIFEPAC 资源来帮助您确定实际的完成日期?好吧,您可以停止希望,因为 Alpha Omega Publications 正是您所需要的。这是 LIFEPAC 学习指南!这个方便的清单垫包含有用的列,用于确定完成 LIFEPAC 的目标日期和目标。那不是很好吗?想象一下,您的学生不必再猜测要完成每个 LIFEPAC 需要做多少页!现在你肯定知道了。您可以将此 Alpha Omega 课程表用于包含最多 100 页的任何 LIFEPAC 工作文本。

但还有更多!LIFEPAC 学习指南还有方便的复选标记框,让您可以跟踪学习 LIFEPAC 的每个步骤。复选标记框用于开始 LIFEPAC、用于完成每个部分,以及用于学生完成最后一次自测之后。使用这个有用的图表,您可以放心,您再也不会错过任何一个学习步骤!此外,此 LIFEPAC 资源包含 50 张可撕下的页面,可让您轻松记录学生在每个 LIFEPAC 工作文本中的进步。非常适合未来参考,这些页面也可以添加到您学生的家庭学校记录中!那为什么还要等?立即使用非常实惠的 LIFEPAC 学习指南进行整理。立即订购!



Not quite sure how long it should take your student to finish a LIFEPAC worktext? Wish you had a LIFEPAC resource to help you determine realistic completion dates? Well, you can stop wishing because Alpha Omega Publications has exactly what you need. It's the LIFEPAC Study Guide! This handy checklist pad contains helpful columns made for determining target dates and goals for completing LIFEPACs. Isn't that great? Imagine no more having to guess how many pages your student will have to do to complete each LIFEPAC! Now you'll know for certain. And you can use this Alpha Omega curriculum chart for any LIFEPAC worktext that contains up to 100 pages.

But there's more! The LIFEPAC Study Guide also has handy check mark boxes that allow you to track each step of studying the LIFEPAC. Check mark boxes are included for beginning the LIFEPAC, for each section completed, and for after the student has completed the last self test. Using this helpful chart, you can rest assured you will never miss a study step again! Plus, this LIFEPAC resource, which contains 50 tear-off pages, allows you to easily document your student's progress through every LIFEPAC worktext. Great for future reference, these pages can also be added to your student's homeschool records! So why wait? Get organized today with the very affordable LIFEPAC Study Guide. Order yours now!


  • 打印工作文本
  • 基于掌握的学习形式
  • 综合课程计划
  • 自定进度,独立学习

At a Glance

  • Print worktexts
  • Mastery-based learning format
  • Integrated lesson plans
  • Self-paced, independent study


  • 基督教工作文本课程
  • K-12 年级
  • 基于精通
  • 5个主要科目
  • 许多选修课
  • 自定进度


  • Christian Worktext Curriculum
  • Grades K-12
  • Mastery-based
  • 5 Main Subjects
  • Numerous Electives
  • Self-paced




Scope and Sequence