LIFEPAC® Kindergarten Language Arts Set

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The LIFEPAC Kindergarten Language Arts Set is a beginning language course which focuses on the key components of phonics as well as basic language skills. Two colorful workbooks filled with drills in consonants, vowels, and blending lay the foundation for reading, while a complete teacher's guide makes the road to reading fun and worry-free! A teacher's guide is included in this Alpha Omega curriculum.


生命课程幼儿园语言艺术套装是一门初级语言课程,侧重于语音学的关键组成部分以及基础语言技能。 两本充满演奏辅音,元音和混音的丰富多彩的练习册为阅读奠定了基础,而完整的教师指南则为阅读带来乐趣和无忧! 这个阿尔法欧米茄课程中包含教师指南本。



Do you feel intimidated by the task of teaching your child to read? If so, then the LIFEPAC Kindergarten Language Arts Set from Alpha Omega Publications is a great place to start! This comprehensive, homeschool program lays a foundation for language which begins with drills in the basics, then progresses through a systematic presentation of sequential phonics skills. Two large worktexts present the building blocks of language in a colorful, fun format. Alpha Omega curriculum lessons include instruction in beginning phonics: consonants, vowels, consonant digraphs (sh, ch, th, and wh), and blending, as well as colors, shapes, following directions, handwriting, stories, poems, and constructing simple sentences. But we didn't stop there!

Because we know just how challenging homeschooling can be, we've included a complete, easy-to-follow teacher's guide, designed to walk you through the teaching process step-by-step. And because our teacher's guide provides in-depth instruction for each lesson and a complete answer key, all the guesswork has been eliminated. We've made it possible to lay a strong language foundation without the worry. Don't leave this important academic stepping stone to chance! Let the LIFEPAC Kindergarten Language Arts Set help you instill a love of learning in your child right from the start! Order today.