SOS Integrated Physics & Chemistry 时尚校舍综合物理与化学

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Give your homeschool child an understanding of physical science fundamentals with Switched-On Schoolhouse Integrated Physics & Chemistry. This Christian homeschool curriculum helps students observe the world around them with lessons on matter and changes in matter, motion and forces, energy and energy transfers, waves, electricity, and magnetism. Fun and informative lessons in this Alpha Omega curriculum include hands-on experiments, colorful graphics, and engaging multimedia tools.


通过时尚校舍综合物理与化学,为您的家庭学生提供对物理科学基础知识的理解。 这种基督教家庭教育课程有助于学生观察物质,物质,运动和力量,能量和能量转移,波浪,电力和磁力等方面的变化。 这个阿尔法欧米茄课程的趣味性和信息性课程包括动手实验,丰富多彩的图形以及引人入胜的多媒体工具。



Put some spark in your homeschool child's science lessons with Switched-On Schoolhouse Integrated Physics & Chemistry! Available from Alpha Omega Publications, this course offers media-rich lessons that introduce physics basics with video clips, hands-on learning games, and colorful animation. An award-winning Alpha Omega curriculum, SOS goes beyond the covers of a traditional textbook and opens a new world of engaging learning with captivating lessons students love. This Christian homeschool curriculum is a winning balance of quality academics and eye-catching entertainment.

Offering step-by-step lessons, Switched-On Schoolhouse Integrated Physics & Chemistry covers important concepts like the structure of matter, motion, forces, energy, heat, electricity, magnetism, waves, and chemistry. Making teaching high school science easier, Switched-On Schoolhouse also has time-saving features like automatic grading, lesson planning, a built-in calendar, and a handy message center, so you can spend less time grading and more time teaching your child. Introduce physics to your homeschool student and order Switched-On Schoolhouse Integrated Physics & Chemistry today!






提供逐步的教训,时尚校舍综合物理与化学课程涵盖重要概念,如物质结构,运动,力量,能量,热量,电力,磁力,波浪和化学等。 时尚校舍教授高中科学教学更容易,同时还具有省时的功能,如自动评分,课程规划,内置日历以及方便的信息中心等,这样您可以减少分级次数和花更多时间教您的孩子。向你的家庭学生学生介绍物理学,今天就订购时尚校舍综合物理和化学!


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