Horizons PreK-2nd Grade Physical Education 地平线幼儿园 - 二年级体育课程

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Can your young child perform a two-foot landing with balance or demonstrate a circling movement with arms and other body segments? Horizons PreK-2nd Grade Physical Education from Alpha Omega Publications is a four year-in-one teacher's guide that develops your child's motor skills with fun exercises and creative movement games.


你的小孩能否平衡地进行两英尺的着陆或者展示带有胳膊和其他身体段的盘旋运动? 阿尔法欧米茄地平线 幼儿园 - 二年级体育课程,是一个四年的教师指南本,通过有趣的练习和创意运动游戏培养孩子的运动技能。


No more haphazard approach to physical fitness! Systemically teach your child to remain physically active for life with Horizons PreK-2nd Grade Physical Education. This exciting teacher's guide gives your child a complete, well-rounded elementary education by teaching healthy living from a Christian perspective. Using interactive lessons that focus on building strength, endurance, flexibility, and sports knowledge, the Horizons PreK-2nd Grade Physical Education curriculum is designed to be used on a three-day per week format from preschool through 2nd grade. Comprehensive teaching instructions take the guesswork out of teaching physical fitness and include sample lesson plans; student activities and games; evaluation check lists; and psychomotor, intellectual, and decisional learning goals.

So don't wait! Empower your child's physical well-being with the Horizons PreK-2nd Grade Physical Education curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications. Order yours today!




没有更多的杂乱无章的方法来体育锻炼! 系统地教导你的孩子,使用地平线幼儿园 - 二年级的体育教育课程,保持身体活跃。 这个令人兴奋的老师指南本,通过从基督教的角度讲授健康的生活,为您的孩子提供完整的,全面的基础教育。 使用侧重于建立力量,耐力,灵活性和运动知识的互动课程,地平线幼儿园 - 二年级的体育课程,旨在从幼儿园到二年级每周三天使用。 综合性的教学指导,将猜测从教学体能中解脱出来,包括示例教案; 学生活动和游戏; 评估检查清单; 和精神运动,智力和决策学习目标。


所以不要等待! 通过阿尔法欧米茄出版社的地平线幼儿园 - 二年级的体育课程,让您的孩子身体健康。 立即订购!


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Scope and Sequence 课程内容范围和目录

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