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Looking for a health course for your high school student? Try Switched-On Schoolhouse High School Health for grades 8-12. This fun, practical, one-semester Alpha Omega curriculum covers diverse health topics such as proper eating habits, personal hygiene, home safety, drug use, and accountable Christian living. It's a great compliment to any curriculum! Includes quizzes and tests.


为你的高中生寻找健康课程? 尝试时尚校舍高中健康为8-12年级。 这个有趣而实用的一学期阿尔法欧米加课程涵盖了不同的健康主题,如适当的饮食习惯,个人卫生,家居安全,吸毒和基督教生活。 这对任何课程来说都是一种很棒的赞美! 包括测验和测试。



Do you want a health course geared toward your maturing high schooler? You've found it—Switched-On Schoolhouse High School Health for grades 8-12. This valuable, informative, one-semester course is filled with topics and themes just for high school students. Not just your typical health course, this in-depth Alpha Omega curriculum looks at relevant topics for today's youth, like tobacco and drug use, all taught from a Christian perspective. Colorful and fun-filled, this computer-based health course from Alpha Omega Publications has innovative multimedia-enriched lessons. Unlike other homeschool curriculums, SOS has exciting video clips, entertaining learning games, and cutting-edge animation built into every lesson. Now that's a truly dynamic learning environment!

But there's even more! Switched-On Schoolhouse offers you something no other homeschool curriculum can—automatic grading and lesson planning. Just think of all the time you'll save. You could actually spend more hands-on time with your child, instead of doing all that endless paperwork. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? And on top of that, weve included a built-in calendar so you never miss a holiday again, a customizable curriculum to adjust to your student's learning pace, and a helpful message center so you can always be in contact with your child. What could be better? This comprehensive health course includes Bible-based topics such as spiritual, social, emotional, and environmental well-being. Additional topics include personal health, first aid, nutrition, and responsible living. So why are you waiting? Try this complete, award-winning homeschool curriculum for yourself—just order Switched-On Schoolhouse High School Health today!



你想要一个适合你成熟的高中生的健康课程吗?你已经找到了 - 时尚校舍高中健康为8-12年级。这个有价值的,内容丰富的,一学期的课程充满了专为高中学生设计的主题和主题。这不仅是典型的健康课程,这个深入的阿尔法欧米茄课程着眼于当今年轻人的相关主题,如烟草和药物使用,都是从基督教的角度讲授的。丰富多彩,充满乐趣,阿尔法欧米茄出版社这款基于计算机的健康课程提供富有创意的多媒体丰富课程。与其他家庭教学课程不同,时尚校舍有令人兴奋的视频剪辑,娱乐学习游戏以及每堂课内置的尖端动画。现在,这是一个真正动态的学习环境!


但还有更多! 时尚校舍为您提供一些其他的家庭教学课程可以自动分级和课程计划。想想你总能保存的时间。实际上,你可以花更多的时间和孩子一起,而不是做所有那些无休止的文书工作。听起来很不错,不是吗?最重要的是,我们包含了一个内置的日历,以便您再也不会错过任何一个假期,一个可定制的课程来适应您的学生的学习节奏,并提供有用的信息中心,以便您随时与您的孩子保持联系。有什么更好的?这个全面的健康课程包括基于圣经的主题,如精神,社会,情感和环境福祉。其他主题包括个人健康,急救,营养和负责任的生活。那你为什么还在等?试试这个完整的,屡获殊荣的家庭学校课程 - 只需订购 时尚校舍高中健康吧!


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