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Looking for an elementary health course? You've found it! Switched-On Schoolhouse Health Quest is specially created for grades 4-7. This colorful, one-semester Alpha Omega curriculum covers topics such as personal hygiene, fitness, exercise techniques, and personal and ecological stewardship. This fun, computer-based course is biblically based. Includes quizzes and tests.

寻找基本的健康课程? 你找到了! 时尚校舍健康探索是为4-7年级专门设计的。 这个丰富多彩的一学期阿尔法欧米加课程涵盖了个人卫生,健身,运动技巧,个人和生态管理等课题。 这个有趣的,基于计算机的课程是基于圣经的。 包括测验和测试。



Want a health course especially made for your elementary student? We have just what you need—Switched-On Schoolhouse Health Quest for grades 4-7! This award-winning curriculum from Alpha Omega Publications has interactive, computer-based lessons filled with interesting content! Lessons are enriched with exciting multimedia tools like video clips, animation, and innovative learning games. All these cutting-edge tools work together to reinforce learned concepts and create a motivating learning environment! Just what you've been searching for, right? Unlike other textbook curriculums, SOS is truly unique because it uses a one-of-a-kind, computer-based approach to encourage and entertain students—a winning combination.

Now for the best part. Switched-On Schoolhouse comes with teacher-friendly tools to help save time! How would you like to have grading and lesson planning automatically done for the whole year? Or maybe a built-in calendar so you never miss a holiday or field trip? Perhaps you'd like to customize curriculum to fit your student's learning pace? You can have all of this and more with SOS. Finally, here is a curriculum that fits your schedule instead of you working your schedule around a curriculum. Wondering what your child will study? Quality, Bible-based topics included in this one-semester course are body growth, mental and emotional health, basic food groups, emergency planning, and more. Proper exercise techniques are also demonstrated in this Alpha Omega curriculum with step-by-step slide shows and videos! So why are you waiting? Order Switched-On Schoolhouse Health Quest for grades 4-7 today and see how fun health can be!


想要为你的小学生特别制作一个健康课程吗?我们正是有您所需要的 - 时尚校舍健康探索4-7年级!这个来自阿尔法欧米茄出版社的获奖课程有充满趣味内容的交互式电脑课程!经验丰富的令人兴奋的多媒体工具,如视频剪辑,动画和创新的学习游戏。所有这些尖端的工具一起工作,以加强学习的概念,并创造一个激励的学习环境!就是你一直在寻找的东西,对吧?与其他教科书课程不同,时尚校舍真的很独特,因为它采用了独一无二的基于计算机的方法来鼓励和招待学生 - 这是一个成功的组合。


现在是最好的部分。 时尚校舍配备了教师友好的工具,以节省时间!您想如何自动完成整年的分级和课程计划?或者,也许是内置的日历,所以你永远不会错过假期或实地考察旅行?也许你想定制课程来适应你学生的学习节奏?你可以拥有所有这些和更多的时尚校舍。最后,这里是适合你的日程安排的课程,而不是围绕课程安排日程安排。想知道你的孩子将学习什么?这个一学期课程中包含的基于圣经的优质课题包括身体成长,心理和情绪健康,基本食物组,紧急计划等等。这个阿尔法欧米茄课程中还演示了适当的运动技巧,并带有逐步的幻灯片和视频!那你为什么还在等?今天订购时尚校舍健康探索4-7年级,看看健康是多么的有趣!


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