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Is your student ready to do his personal finances? Get Switched-On Schoolhouse Consumer Math for grades 9-12, and he will! Informative topics included in this one-year Alpha Omega curriculum are money management skills, avoiding financial problems, examining loans and credit cards, and practicing wise purchase habits. Pre-requisite is Algebra I. Includes quizzes and tests.


你的学生准备好做他的个人财务了吗? 9-12年级时尚校舍消费数学课程,他会的! 这个为期一年的阿尔法欧米茄课程中包含的信息性主题包括资金管理技巧,避免财务问题,检查贷款和信用卡,以及练习明智的购物习惯。 先决条件是代数I.包括测验和测试。




Teach your child how to manage personal finances with Switched-On Schoolhouse Consumer Math for grades 9-12! This fun-filled, practical one-year Alpha Omega curriculum covers daily math applications like family finances, taxes and insurance, investments, travel, and a basic math review. Easy-to-follow topics include step-by-step instructions and clear explanations to help build your student's understanding. And SOS has interactive, exciting learning tools to engage your child in learning! Your child will study multimedia-enriched lessons which include video clips, learning games, and animation. No typical, boring, textbook lessons here. Your student will actually be excited to learn math and finance with this colorful, motivating computer-based course!

And that's not all. Switched-On Schoolhouse's innovative format gives parents the time-saving features they've always wanted, including automatic grading, lesson planning, and integrated solutions keys available from the SOS Teacher application. Now, that's sure to make your homeschooling easier—guaranteed! Join the thousands of families who are already experiencing the amazing benefits of SOS—like a built-in calendar, a message center, and personalized curriculum. Really, there is nothing not to love about this course. And you can be assured your student will cover quality, Bible-based academics taught in a fun, inviting learning environment. So don't wait any longer. Give your high schooler a firm foundation for building personal finance skills—just order Switched-On Schoolhouse Consumer Math from Alpha Omega Publications today. Course is appropriate for students who have completed Algebra I and Geometry.




教您的孩子如何管理9至12年级时尚校舍消费数学的个人财务状况!这个有趣的,实用的为期一年的阿尔法欧米茄课程涵盖了家庭财务,税收和保险,投资,旅行和基础数学评估等每日数学应用。易于理解的主题包括逐步的指导和清晰的解释,以帮助建立学生的理解。 时尚校舍有互动,令人兴奋的学习工具,让您的孩子参与学习!你的孩子将学习多媒体丰富的课程,其中包括视频剪辑,学习游戏和动画。这里没有典型,枯燥的教科书课程。您的学生将会非常高兴能够通过这个激动人心的计算机课程来学习数学和金融课程!


而这还不是全部。时尚校舍的创新格式为家长提供了他们一直想要的节省时间的功能,包括自动评分,课程计划和时尚校舍教师应用程序提供的集成解决方案密钥。现在,这一定会让你的家庭学校更容易保证!加入成千上万的已经体验到时尚校舍惊人好处的家庭,如内置日历,信息中心和个性化课程。真的,没有什么不喜欢这门课的。你可以放心,你的学生将会在一个有趣的,有吸引力的学习环境中教授基于圣经的高质量学术人员。所以不要再等了。给你的高中生提供建立个人理财技巧的坚实基础 - 只需订购阿尔法欧米茄出版社的时尚校舍消费者数学课程即可。课程适合完成代数I和几何的学生。


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