Horizons G8 Algebra I Set 地平线八年级代数 I 套装


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  Explore math through sports and other real-life applications with Horizons Algebra I! Divided into 160 lessons, this fun course includes a colorful student workbook, a tests and resources book, and a teacher's guide packed with tips and hands-on activities to make algebraic concepts easy to learn. Topics covered include exponents and powers, absolute value, radical expressions, multiplying and dividing monomials and polynomials, the Foil Method, and factoring trinomials, as well as solving, writing, and graphing linear equations. Plus, practice problem sets prepare your student for standardized math testing.


使用 地平线代数 I 通过体育和其他现实生活应用探索数学!这本基督教课程分为 160 节课,包括一本色彩丰富的学生练习册、一本测试和资源书,以及一本包含提示和实践活动的教师指南,以使代数概念易于学习。涵盖的主题包括指数和幂、绝对值、根式表达式、单项式和多项式的乘除法、箔法和因式分解三项式,以及求解、编写和绘制线性方程。此外,练习题集让您的学生为标准化数学测试做好准备。





  Take the unknowns out of advanced math with the Horizons Algebra I Set from Alpha Omega Publications! Daily lesson topics include properties of equality, factoring and scientific notation, basic operations with monomials and polynomials, and other advanced math-building concepts like complex fractions and rational expressions, quadratic functions, exponential growth, compound inequalities, and more. To make algebra come to life, this year-long course includes sections on today's sports activities and other real-life applications before each set of ten lessons.


  This Alpha Omega curriculum comes complete with one consumable student book divided into 160 lessons and a student tests and resources book with 16 tests, four quarterly exams, 80 practice worksheets, and algebra square manipulatives, as well as a time-saving teacher's guide complete with answer keys, a readiness test, and a scope and sequence. Plus, each block of ten lessons in the Horizons Algebra I Set contains a challenging set of problems that prepares students for the rigors of standardized math testing.



使用来自 阿尔法欧米茄出版社 的 地平线代数 I 套装 消除高级数学中的未知数!每日课程主题包括等式的性质、因式分解和科学记数法、单项式和多项式的基本运算,以及其他高级数学构建概念,如复分数和有理表达式、二次函数、指数增长、复合不等式等。为了让代数栩栩如生,这个为期一年的课程在每组十节课之前包括了关于当今体育活动和其他现实生活应用的部分。

这本基督教课程包含一本可消耗的学生书,分为 160 节课和一本学生测试和资源书,其中包含 16 次测试、四次季度考试、80 个练习工作表和代数平方操作,以及一本带答案的省时教师指南键、准备测试以及范围和顺序。此外,地平线代数 I 套装 中的每一堂课都包含一组具有挑战性的问题,可以帮助学生为严格的标准化数学测试做好准备。



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