LIFEPAC® Speech: Essentials of Communication Set


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Publisher: Alpha Omega Publications 

Language: English

ISBN: 9780740307492

Product Dimensions: 11.4 x 9.5 x 4 inches

Country/Region of Manufacture: United States

Product Id - ES9015


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Give your student the power to communicate clearly! With LIFEPAC Speech: Essentials of Communication for grades 9-12, your child will study necessary skills to communicate effectively in personal, professional, and public settings. This one-semester Alpha Omega curriculum comes with five colorful worktexts and a helpful teacher's guide.




Does your child have difficulty communicating? Is he hesitant to try public speaking and interviewing? Now you can eliminate his anxiety and give him the confidence he needs to communicate effectively! How? Just use LIFEPAC Speech: Essentials of Communication for grades 9-12. This clear, step-by-step elective will help guide your student through techniques and advice for improving communication skills. Divided into five easy-to-do worktexts, this one-semester course will show your student how to successfully interact with others in various environments. Sound like a great investment? It really is—this course helps teach skills your student will use for the rest of his life! Topics covered in this Alpha Omega curriculum include language characteristics, group dynamics, interpersonal relationships, and public speaking.
But there's more. To help parents, LIFEPAC Speech: Essentials of Communication comes with a handy teacher's guide complete with teaching tips, objectives, answer keys, and additional enriching activities. And your child will learn quality, Bible-based lessons which are made for personalized instruction. Integrated subject material and consistent reviews ensure your student will master concepts too! Don't wait to give your child the confidence he needs to communicate clearly—order the LIFEPAC Speech: Essentials of Communication today!