LIFEPAC® 8th Grade Language Arts 10-Unit Set LIFEPAC®8年级语言艺术学生本 10 单元套装


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Are you ready to teach your student more about the ins and outs of the English language? Already have a teacher's guide? Then get the LIFEPAC Speaking & Writing Skills 10-Unit Set without the teacher's guide! This set of ten consumable worktexts will help your child better his knowledge of language arts. Includes tests.




您准备好向您的家庭学生传授更多有关语言艺术的信息了吗?您已经有老师的指导吗?然后,Alpha Omega Publications为您提供了一切-LIFEPAC口语和写作技巧10单元套装,无需老师指导!这套可消耗的10个单元可教您的家庭学生如何改善沟通。此Alpha Omega课程中的十个基于印刷的工作文本中的每一个都将引导您的孩子完成丰富多彩的语言艺术课程。在这一年中,他将学习批判性思维,标点符号,写作,口语,文学,听力,如何使用单词,英语的起源等等!

除此之外,还有更多!LIFEPAC课程使用精通学习技术,因此您的学生将一次一步地掌握新概念,从而建立信心-消除课堂上的沮丧感!与大型教科书不同,十个工作教科书中的每一个仅需三到四个星期即可完成,使您的中学生获得巨大的成就感!此外,在此Alpha Omega课程中,简单易学且引人入胜的课程将使您的孩子自己工作。每个工作文本都包含评论,几个自测和一个可移动的老师管理的测试。LIFEPAC口语和写作技巧10单元套装将使语言艺术教学变得既轻松又有趣!立即放入购物车中!




Are you ready to teach your homeschooler more about language arts? Do you already have the teacher's guide? Then Alpha Omega Publications has just the thing for you—the LIFEPAC Speaking & Writing Skills 10-Unit Set without the teacher's guide! This consumable 10-unit set will teach your homeschool student how to improve his communication. Each of the ten print-based worktexts in this Alpha Omega curriculum will guide your child through colorful, motivating lessons in language arts. Over the course of the year he will learn about critical thinking, punctuation, writing, speaking, literature, listening, how to use words, the origins of the English language, and much more!

There's more on top of that! The LIFEPAC curriculum uses mastery learning techniques, so your student will build his confidence as he masters new concepts one step at a time—eliminating frustration in the classroom! Unlike a large textbook, each of the ten worktexts takes just three to four weeks to finish, giving your middle school student a huge sense of achievement! Plus, the easy-to-follow, captivating lessons in this Alpha Omega curriculum will allow your child to work by himself. Each worktext comes complete with reviews, several self tests and one removable teacher-administered test. The LIFEPAC Speaking & Writing Skills 10-Unit Set will make teaching language arts exciting and easy! Put a set in your cart today!


  • 打印工作文本
  • 基于掌握的学习形式
  • 综合课程计划
  • 自定进度,独立学习

At a Glance

  • Print worktexts
  • Mastery-based learning format
  • Integrated lesson plans
  • Self-paced, independent study


  • 基督教工作文本课程
  • K-12 年级
  • 基于精通
  • 5个主要科目
  • 许多选修课
  • 自定进度


  • Christian Worktext Curriculum
  • Grades K-12
  • Mastery-based
  • 5 Main Subjects
  • Numerous Electives
  • Self-paced