SOS 8th Grade History & Geography 时尚校舍八年级历史与地理

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Switched-On Schoolhouse 8th Grade History & Geography is an exciting, computer-based U.S. History course! Enriched with multimedia tools, this comprehensive Alpha Omega curriculum gives a complete overview of American History. Interesting, in-depth topics included are the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, the Industrial Revolution, and more. Includes quizzes and tests.


时尚校舍八年级历史与地理学是一门令人兴奋的,基于计算机的美国历史课程! 丰富的多媒体工具,这个全面的阿尔法欧米茄课程提供了一个完整的美国历史概述。 有趣的,深入的话题包括革命战争,内战,工业革命等等。 包括测验和测试。




Are you looking for a fun, exciting U.S. History course? Alpha Omega Publications has just what your look for—Switched-On Schoolhouse 8th Grade History & Geography! Using cutting-edge technology, this computer-based homeschool course presents American History with dynamic, exciting multimedia tools. Engaging video clips, state-of-the-art animation, and helpful interactive learning games are all included to enhance student learning. Say goodbye to those traditional, dry textbooks! Liven up your history lessons today with enriching, fun-filled lessons.

What history topics are taught? Following America's exciting story, this must-have Alpha Omega curriculum contains an in-depth study of U.S. History. Your child will cover European civilizations, the American colonies, the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, and much more. And that's just the beginning! For teachers, Switched-On Schoolhouse includes simply amazing time-saving features like automatic grading and lesson planning, a built-in calendar, and a helpful message center. Doesn't that sound great? Instead of endless hours of grading, you'll be able to spend more hands-on time with your child. Don't miss this opportunity. Order Switched-On Schoolhouse 8th Grade History & Geography today!


你在寻找一个有趣,令人兴奋的美国历史课程吗?阿尔法欧米茄出版物正是你的目标 - 时尚校舍8年级的历史和地理!这款以计算机为基础的家庭教育课程采用尖端技术,为美国历史提供动态,令人兴奋的多媒体工具。参与视频剪辑,最先进的动画和有用的交互式学习游戏都包含在内,以加强学生的学习。告别那些传统的干教科书!通过充实,充满乐趣的课程,让您的历史课程充满活力。

什么历史课题被教导?继美国令人兴奋的故事之后,这款必备的阿尔法欧米茄课程包含对美国历史的深入研究。你的孩子将覆盖欧洲文明,美洲殖民地,革命和内战等等。这只是一个开始!对于老师, 时尚校舍包含简单的节省时间的功能,如自动评分和课程计划,内置日历以及有用的信息中心。这听起来不太好?您可以花更多的时间和孩子一起,而不是无休止的分级时间。不要错过这个机会。今天就订购 时尚校8年级的历史和地理!


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