LIFEPAC® 8th Grade History & Geography 10-Unit Set LIFEPAC® 8年级历史和地理学生本10单元/套



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您准备好让中学生在有趣的环境中学习美国历史吗?然后,LIFEPAC US History 10单位套装就是您的课程!通过有趣的消耗性课程,您的家庭学校孩子将了解殖民地,哥伦布,南北战争,镀金时代等等!测试包含在此Alpha Omega课程中。


Are you ready for your middle school student to learn American History in a fun setting? Then the LIFEPAC U.S. History 10-Unit Set is just the curriculum for you! Using fun, consumable lessons, your homeschool child will learn about the colonies, Columbus, the Civil War, the Gilded Age, and much more! Tests are included in this Alpha Omega curriculum.



您的孩子准备好学习美国历史了吗?您想为他提供一年的精彩历史课程,但不需要老师的指导吗?然后,Alpha Omega Publications为您提供课程表:LIFEPAC US History 10单元套装,无需老师的指导!在这十组中,每种基于印刷的色彩斑text的工作文本都将重要的历史事实纳入了有趣的,集中的课程中。到学年末,您的孩子将了解哥伦布如何到达美国,殖民地,南北战争,第一次世界大战,第二次世界大战等等!

那不是全部!LIFEPAC使用的创新的掌握学习技术可以巩固学生的学习进度,巩固其所学知识,然后再继续应用新概念。另外,与常规的笨重的历史教科书不同,此Alpha Omega课程中的每个工作文本都可以在三到四个星期内完成。在学生根据自己的进度安排课程时,请注意学生的自律能力!十个工作文本中的每一个都包含各种活动,有用的评论,几次自测和一项可移动的老师管理的测验。使这一学年成为一年的记忆。立即订购LIFEPAC美国历史10单位套装的副本!




Is your child ready to learn American History? Would you like to provide him with a year's worth of exciting history lessons, but don't need a teacher's guide? Then Alpha Omega Publications has just the curriculum for you: the LIFEPAC U.S. History 10-Unit Set without the teacher's guide! Each of the colorful, print-based worktexts in this set of ten incorporates important historical facts into entertaining, focused lessons. By the end of the school year your child will know about how Columbus got to America, the colonies, the Civil War, World War I, World War II, and much more!

That's not all! The innovative mastery learning techniques used by LIFEPAC reinforce your student's progress as he goes, solidifying what he knows before moving on to new concepts. Plus, unlike a regular bulky history textbook, each of the individual worktexts in this Alpha Omega curriculum can be completed in just three to four weeks. Watch your student's self-discipline improve as he uses the student-paced lessons to work on his own! Each of the ten worktexts includes a variety of activities, helpful reviews, several self tests, and one removable teacher-administered test. Make this school year a year to remember. Order your copy of the LIFEPAC U.S. History 10-Unit Set today!


  • 打印工作文本
  • 基于掌握的学习形式
  • 综合课程计划
  • 自定进度,独立学习

At a Glance

  • Print worktexts
  • Mastery-based learning format
  • Integrated lesson plans
  • Self-paced, independent study


  • 基督教工作文本课程
  • K-12 年级
  • 基于精通
  • 5个主要科目
  • 许多选修课
  • 自定进度


  • Christian Worktext Curriculum
  • Grades K-12
  • Mastery-based
  • 5 Main Subjects
  • Numerous Electives
  • Self-paced