SOS 8th Grade 5-Subject Set 时尚校舍八年级五科目套装

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Packed with engaging multimedia features, Switched-On Schoolhouse 8th Grade 5-Subject Set is sure to please your student. Five core Alpha Omega curriculum areas — Bible, math, science, language arts, and history and geography —offered in a fun, computer-based learning environment, provide eighth grade students with just what they need to succeed.


包含引人入胜的多媒体功能,时尚校舍 8年级5个科目套装一定会让您的学生满意。 在一个有趣的,基于计算机的学习环境中提供的五个核心阿尔法欧米茄课程区域 - 圣经,数学,科学,语言艺术和历史与地理 - 为八年级学生提供他们成功所需的东西。



Are you looking for a curriculum that will encourage academic independence and critical thinking in your eighth grade student? That’s exactly what you’ll find with the Switched-On Schoolhouse 8th Grade 5-Subject Set from Alpha Omega Publications! Presented in an interactive, media-rich learning environment, Switched-On Schoolhouse offers features and abilities that textbooks cannot begin to offer. For students, multimedia features such as videos, animated clips, interactive timelines and learning games, as well as immediate grading and feedback add lots of excitement to the learning process. And parents benefit from highly adaptable features such as time-saving automated lesson planning and grading, customizable record-keeping options, and many other flexible Alpha Omega curriculum options.

But what will your student learn in the Switched-On Schoolhouse 8th Grade 5-Subject Set? This biblically-based, homeschool curriculum provides everything needed by both parent and student for an entire year’s academic instruction. With the SOS 8th Grade 5-Subject Set, you will receive all five subjects: Bible, math, science, language arts, and history and geography. Take a look at what’s included in this complete set:

Bible—Practical Christianity and Church History
History & Geography—U.S. History
Language Arts—Speaking and Writing Skills
Science—General Science II

Text-based lessons are interspersed with interactive multimedia activities which enrich and reinforce material presented in the lesson. Comprehension and review questions used at the end of each lesson encourage mastery of learned material, and quizzes and unit tests provide an excellent way for parents to evaluate student progress. But don’t take our word for it! Order Switched-On Schoolhouse 8th Grade 5-Subject Set and try it for yourself!


你是否正在寻找能够鼓励八年级学生学习独立和批判性思维的课程?这正是阿尔法欧米茄出版社的时尚校舍8年级5课程套装中所发现的!时尚校舍 提供了交互式的多媒体学习环境,提供了教科书无法提供的功能和能力。对于学生来说,视频,动画剪辑,互动时间线和学习游戏等多媒体功能以及即时评分和反馈为学习过程增添了许多激情。而且,家长可以从适应性强的特点中受益,例如节省时间的自动课程计划和分级,可定制的记录保存选项以及许多其他灵活的阿尔法欧米茄课程选项。

但是,您的学生将在时尚校舍8年级5科目集中学到什么?这个以圣经为基础的家庭教育课程为家长和学生提供了一整年学术指导所需的一切。通过时尚校舍 8年级5科目组,您将获得全部五门科目:圣经,数学,科学,语言艺术,历史和地理学。看看这个完整集合包含的内容:

圣经 - 实用的基督教和教会历史

历史与地理 - 美国历史

语言艺术 - 口语和写作技巧


科学 - 综合科学II



Scope and Sequence

In the introduction  of each subject, there is a range of contents and directories of course contents in PDF format.






What's included in this complete set?



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