Horizons 6th Grade Penmanship Set 地平线六年级书法套装课程

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Give your student practice in penmanship with words of wisdom from around the world in Horizons 6th Grade Penmanship. Featuring 160 lessons in one student workbook and a teacher's guide, this course encourages students to improve their manuscript and cursive skills by copying passages from Aesop's fables, proverbs, epigrams, riddles, prayers, and more. Students also write letters in other languages and compose their own words of wisdom.


在地平线六年级作业中,让你的学生用书法练习来自世界各地的智慧词汇。 在一本学生手册和教师指南中提供160课,该课程鼓励学生通过复制伊索寓言,谚语,警句,谜语,祈祷等内容来改进手稿和草书技巧。 学生还会写其他语言的信件,并撰写他们自己的智慧文字。




Teach your child to improve his or her handwriting with words of wisdom from around the world. As they practice cursive and manuscript, students copy passages from ancient writings and classic literature such as Aesop's fables, epigrams, riddles, prayers, blessings, virtues, and African, Brazilian, Chinese, Jewish, and Russian proverbs. In addition, students have fun composing their own fables, proverbs, riddles, rules of life, and list of virtues, as well as writing characters and words in languages like Farsi, French, Greek, Latin, Navajo, Old English, and Swahili.

Containing 160 student lessons, the Horizons 6th Grade Penmanship Set includes one student book with removable pages and one corresponding teacher's guide. These materials may be purchased individually. The teacher's guide includes a lesson planner, duplication masters, teaching tips, and additional worksheets.




教你的孩子用来自世界各地的智慧词汇来提高他或她的笔迹。 当他们练习草书和手稿时,学生会复制古代着作和经典着作,如伊索寓言,咒语,谜语,祈祷,祝福,美德以及非洲,巴西,中国,犹太和俄罗斯谚语。 此外,学生们乐于谱写他们自己的寓言,谚语,谜语,生活规则和美德列表,以及使用波斯语,法语,希腊语,拉丁语,纳瓦霍语,古英语和斯瓦希里语等语言撰写字符和词汇。


包含160个学生课,地平线六年级书法套装包括一本带有可移动页面的学生书和一本相应的教师指南。 这些材料可以单独购买。 教师指南包括课程计划,复制大师,教学技巧和其他工作表。


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