LIFEPAC® 6th Grade History & Geography Set


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ISBN: 9780867170368

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The LIFEPAC 6th Grade History & Geography Set is a biblically integrated course which focuses on the study of world civilizations. Presented in an engaging worktext format, lessons cover world geography, Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, the crusades, Africa and South America, modern Eastern and Western Europe, and much more! A teacher's guide is included in this Alpha Omega curriuclum.




Ready to travel to amazing civilizations of the past? Give your child an exciting, culture-filled history course with the LIFEPAC 6th Grade History & Geography Set from Alpha Omega Publications. This Christian-based, best-selling homeschool curriculum will build a biblical world view by integrating Bible truths into instruction with six major content strands. These strands, which are covered at most grade levels, include geography, history, government, citizenship, economics, and social studies. The theme of the LIFEPAC 6th Grade History & Geography program is Civilizations. In ten colorful worktexts which offer a unique student-directed approach, your homeschooling child will enjoy learning about world geography, Mesopotamia—the cradle of civilization, early civilizations, the Middle Ages, Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina, Chile, and much more!

But let's take a look at a few more features that LIFEPAC has to offer! The worktext format of the LIFEPAC 6th Grade History & Geography Set provides the opportunity for a unique, individualized learning approach for your student. The worktexts in this Alpha Omega curriculum include daily lessons and review as well as ample opportunity for assessment of student progress. In order to encourage customized instruction, we have included a teacher's guide designed to help you guide your student's learning according to his specific interests and needs. This essential teaching resource includes teaching notes for each unit, a complete answer key and information about additional resources and learning activities. Sounds great, doesn't it? Order the LIFEPAC 6th Grade History & Geography Set for your child today!