LIFEPAC® 4th Grade Science 10-Unit Set LIFEPAC®4级科学科学学生本10单元套装


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Want to teach your fourth grader science with LIFEPAC worktexts, but don't want the teacher's guide? Just get the LIFEPAC 4th Grade Science 10-Unit Set! These ten full-color, print-based worktexts contain lessons for one full year. Each worktext in this Alpha Omega curriculum includes Bible-based lessons, self tests, and a removable teacher-administered test.

是否想使用LIFEPAC工作本来教四年级学生科学,但又不需要老师的指导?只需获得LIFEPAC四年级科学10单元套装!这十种基于打印的全彩工作文本包含一年的课程。此Alpha Omega课程中的每个工作文本都包括基于圣经的课程,自我测试和可移动的老师管理的测试。



Is your fourth grader ready to dive into learning science with the LIFEPAC unit worktexts, but you already have the teacher's guide? That's fine. Alpha Omega Publications has just the LIFEPAC set for you—the LIFEPAC 4th Grade Science 10-Unit Set! This colorful set contains ten structured, step-by-step worktexts that include a solid, Christian overview of foundational science principles, along with hands-on experiments and easy-to-do activities. Each individual 4th grade science worktext offers bright, eye-catching illustrations, vocabulary lists, and various question formats! Interesting science topics in this Alpha Omega curriculum cover the many aspect of God's creation like plants, animals, the environment, machines, electricity, water, matter, weather, the solar system, and the planet earth.

But we didn't stop there! The LIFEPAC 4th Grade Science 10-Unit Set has more benefits too. Each small, portable worktext will motivate your child to complete daily lessons with its ultra-thin size—unlike other large, hard-to-understand science textbooks! In addition, each LIFEPAC worktext includes consistent reviews, self tests, and one removable teacher-administered unit test—so you can be assured your student is actually comprehending and retaining lesson material. So don't delay—get a full year of best-selling science homeschool curriculum in one simple step! Add the ever-popular LIFEPAC 4th Grade Science 10-Unit Set to your cart today.


您的四年级学生是否准备好使用LIFEPAC单元的工作教材来学习科学,但是您已经有了老师的指导?没关系。Alpha Omega Publications为您准备了LIFEPAC套装-LIFEPAC 4级科学10单元套装!这套色彩丰富的书集包含十个结构化的分步工作文本,其中包括对基础科学原理的扎实,基督教概述,以及动手实验和易于执行的活动。每个单独的四年级科学工作文本都提供醒目的醒目的插图,词汇表和各种问题格式!该Alpha Omega课程中有趣的科学主题涵盖了上帝创造的许多方面,例如植物,动物,环境,机器,电力,水,物质,天气,太阳系和行星地球。

但是我们并没有就此止步!LIFEPAC四年级科学10单元套装也有更多好处。每个小巧的便携式工作文本都会以超薄的尺寸激励您的孩子完成日常课程,这与其他大型的难以理解的科学教科书不同!此外,每个LIFEPAC工作文本都包括一致的评论,自测和一个可移动的教师管理的单元测试,因此您可以放心,您的学生实际上是在理解并保留课程资料。因此,请不要拖延-只需简单的一步即可获得一整年最畅销的科学家庭学校课程!立即将广受欢迎的LIFEPAC 4级科学10单位套装放入购物车。