Horizons 4th Grade Penmanship Set 地平线四年级书法套装课程

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    Publisher :  Alpha Omega Publications






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Now you can combine penmanship and Bible study into one with the Horizons 4th Grade Penmanship Set. This exciting penmanship course reinforces manuscript and cursive handwriting skills using the parables of Jesus. Set includes student workbook with 160 fun-filled lessons and teacher's guide complete with daily lesson plans.


现在你可以将书法和圣经学习结合到地平线四年级书法套装中。 这个令人兴奋的书法课程使用耶稣的寓言加强了书写和草书的手写技巧。 套装包括学生练习册,包含160个充满乐趣的课程和教师指南,并附有每日课程计划。



Transform your child's handwriting and his understanding of God's Word with Horizons 4th Grade Penmanship Set from Alpha Omega Publications. This Bible-based penmanship curriculum for homeschool families uses a unique approach to reinforce manuscript and Zaner-Bloser® cursive writing. Each week your child will write words, sentences, and quotes from the parables of Jesus in a colorful student workbook using ¼″ or smaller lines. Not only will fine motor skills be developed as he practices writing, but your child's communication skills will be enhanced with a weekly vocabulary word list taken from the parable. What's more, a specially designed practice page allows your child to proudly display or share his beautifully scripted writing of God's Word with homeschooling friends and family.

The Horizons 4th Grade Penmanship Set also contains a complete teacher's guide with reproducible practice pages and daily lesson plans. Practical teaching tips, activities, illustrations, and comprehension questions about the parables will give him a clearer understanding of the Bible. Order the Horizons 4th Grade Penmanship Set for your child today and discover handwriting with a purpose!