LIFEPAC® 4th Grade Language Arts 10-Unit Set LIFEPAC®4年级语言艺术学生本 10 单元套装


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Ready to teach your fourth grader language with LIFEPAC worktexts, but already have the teacher's guide? Try the LIFEPAC 4th Grade Language Arts 10-Unit Set! These ten colorful, print-based worktexts contain one full year of lessons. Each worktext in this Alpha Omega curriculum includes integrated concepts, self tests, and one removable teacher-administered test.






Are you ready to polish your fourth grader's grammar skills with the LIFEPAC unit worktexts? Do you want to get a full year of lessons, but you already have teacher's guide? Don't worry. Alpha Omega Publications has exactly what you need—the LIFEPAC 4th Grade Language Arts 10-Unit Set! This set contains ten structured, step-by-step worktexts that offer your student a complete overview of essential grammar rules and fundamental English principles. Informative topics in this Alpha Omega curriculum include written communication, word usage, parts of speech, capitalization and punctuation, literature and poetry forms, and how to compose a written report. Brightly colorful, each individual 4th grade language arts worktext is filled with helpful spelling and vocabulary lists, various question formats, and flexible, student-directed lessons!

Curious to learn more? The LIFEPAC 4th Grade Language Arts 10-Unit Set has fun-to-do activities that are both entertaining and educational—like word puzzles and games, handwriting practices, and coloring activities using grammar rules. And if your child hates clunky, hard-to-handle textbooks, he'll love this ultra-light, consumable worktext which can be completed in three to four weeks. Now here's a curriculum that actually motivates your child to learn! Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? But how will you know that your child is really learning? Each LIFEPAC worktext includes consistent reviews, self tests, and one removable teacher-administered unit test which are all included to solidify student comprehension. So, what are you waiting for—a full year of best-selling language arts homeschool curriculum can be ordered in one simple step! All you have to do is add the LIFEPAC 4th Grade Language Arts10-Unit Set to your cart today.



您准备好使用LIFEPAC单元的工作文本来提高四年级学生的语法技能吗?您是否想接受一整年的课程,但已经有了老师的指导?不用担心 阿尔法欧米茄出版物完全满足您的需求-LIFEPAC四年级语言艺术10单元套装!这套包含十个结构化的分步练习文本,可为您的学生提供基本语法规则和基本英语原则的完整概述。此Alpha Omega课程中的信息性主题包括书面交流,单词用法,词性,大写和标点符号,文学和诗歌形式以及如何撰写书面报告。各个四年级语言艺术作品的背景色彩鲜艳,充满了有用的拼写和词汇表,各种问题格式以及灵活的,由学生指导的课程!