LIFEPAC® 4th Grade History & Geography 10-Unit Set LIFEPAC®4年级历史和地理学生本10单元组合



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Want to teach your fourth grader history lessons with LIFEPAC worktexts—but don't want the teacher's guide? Get the LIFEPAC 4th Grade History & Geography 10-Unit Set with ten print-based worktexts containing one full year of lessons! Each worktext in this Alpha Omega curriculum includes step-by-step lessons, self tests, and a removable teacher-administered test.



是否想通过LIFEPAC工作文本来教四年级学生的历史课,但又不需要老师的指导?获取带有十个基于印刷的工作文本的LIFEPAC四年级历史和地理10单元套装,其中包含一整年的课程!此Alpha Omega课程中的每个工作文本均包含分步课程,自我测试和可移动的教师管理的测试。




Are you ready to teach your 4th grader fun, interesting history lessons with the LIFEPAC worktext curriculum? Already have the teacher's guide? Don't worry; Alpha Omega Publications has the perfect solution—the LIFEPAC 4th Grade History & Geography 10-Unit Set! This one-year set contains ten full-color, step-by-step worktexts that offer a complete overview of important world history and geographical topography facts. Each individual fourth grade history & geography worktext offers integrated subject material, personalized instruction options, and bright, appealing illustrations! Topics included in this Alpha Omega curriculum are the following: our earth, seaport cities, deserts, grasslands, rain forests, polar regions, mountains, islands, and an in-depth look at North America!

Hold on—there's more on top of that! The LIFEPAC 4th Grade History & Geography 10-Unit Set has flexible, student-directed lessons that include map reading exercises, fun word games and puzzles, and diverse question formats. And each ultra-slim worktext will also motivate your child to complete consumable lessons with its reduced, workbook-style size! Your child will feel a wonderful sense of accomplishment as he completes each progressive worktext in as little as three to four weeks. But here's the best news! Each LIFEPAC worktext includes mastery learning techniques like concept reviews, self tests, plus one removable teacher-administered unit test—all designed to reinforce and solidify student comprehension. With all of these amazing benefits, why wouldn't you want to get this best-selling homeschool curriculum in one simple step? To get the LIFEPAC 4th Grade History & Geography 10-Unit Set, just add it to your cart today.




您准备好使用LIFEPAC工作文本课程来教四年级学生有趣,有趣的历史课吗?已经有老师的指导了吗?不用担心 Alpha Omega Publications提供了完美的解决方案-LIFEPAC四年级历史和地理10单元套装!这份为期一年的书集包含十个全彩色的分步工作文本,它们提供了重要的世界历史和地理地形事实的完整概述。每个单独的四年级历史和地理工作文本都提供集成的主题材料,个性化的指导选项以及生动有趣的插图!此Alpha Omega课程中包含的主题如下:我们的地球,海港城市,沙漠,草原,雨林,极地地区,山脉,岛屿,以及对北美的深入了解!

等等-还有更多!LIFEPAC四年级历史和地理10单元套装有灵活的,由学生指导的课程,包括地图阅读练习,有趣的文字游戏和拼图,以及多种问题格式。而且,每个超薄的工作文本也会通过减小工作簿样式的尺寸来激发您的孩子完成易消耗的课程!当您的孩子在三到四个星期内完成每个渐进式工作文本时,他会感到一种奇妙的成就感。但这是最好的消息!每个LIFEPAC工作文本都包含精通学习技术,例如概念复习,自我测试以及一项可移动的老师管理的单元测试,所有这些旨在增强和巩固学生的理解力。有了所有这些惊人的好处,为什么不 您是否想通过一个简单的步骤就获得最畅销的家庭学校课程?要获取LIFEPAC四年级历史和地理10个单位集,请立即将其添加到购物车中。